Chameleon Mini RevE Rebooted

The Chameleon Mini is a powerful, portable NFC emulation and manipulation tool. Although it represents highly optimized fork of the original RevE project, it’s still compatible with the original firmware.

Chameleon Mini RevE Rebooted is smaller, faster and easier to use, has plenty of extended features and long life battery.

“The RevE Rebooted is forked from the “vanilla” RevE, but is more powerful and mature than even the “vanilla” RevG. It includes intuitive GUI software for selection slot modes and managing card types – no need to battle XMODEM uploads and command lines. (But these are still supported if required).” LAB401

What’s Chameleon Mini RevE Rebooted [features, specs, design]

Beside the fact that it’s the smallest chameleon revE available, it’s also portable with its own high-quality case and has built-in long-lasting battery with improved stand-by time. It’s very stable with all chipsets revised to current versions and PCB redesigned also. Moreover, it has improved, miniaturized, pre-tuned and highly performing antenna.

Chameleon Mini RevE Rebooted supports the following operating systems:

  • Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, etc.)
  • Windows: XP, 7, 8, 10
  • OS X: 10.0+
  • Android: specific versions


  • Multiple Chipset Emulation:ASK+BPSK modulation, supporting ISO 14443, NFC, and ISO 1569; Mifare 1K (4-bit and 7-bit UID), Mifare 4K (4-bit and 7-bit UID), Mifare Ultralight;
  • Read | Write | Sniff Operation: up to 8 virtualized cards simultaneously, selectable on-the-fly; write stored cards to blank magic tags;
  • UID Sniff | Fuzzing | Manipulation: sniff UIDs on the fly, able to randomize UIDs for fuzzing and and to increment / decrement UID;
  • Read | Write Lock: allows stocked cards to be modified, but also prevents them from being modified;
  • Advanced Sniffing & Logging: logs communication and monitors bits on the RF interface;
  • Open-Source: you can add additional functionalities, contributors have already added Powershell and Python Interfaces, MIFARE Ultralight , etc.

Chameleon Mini RevE Rebooted vs. Rev.G [comparative view]

Chameleon Mini RevE Rebooted

Chameleon Mini RevE Rebooted

Size: Smallest

Buttons: 2, LED: 8

Auto Scan Wakeup: Yes

Scan Range: High

Read without original: Yes

UID to Activate Card: Yes

GUI Software: Yes

Chameleon Rev.G

Chameleon Rev.G

Size: Small

Buttons: 2, LED: 2

Auto Scan Wakeup: No

Scan Range: Medium

Read without original: No

UID to Activate Card: No

GUI Software: No

Hacking with Chameleon Mini RevE Rebooted

There are a many RFID/NFC emulator and cloning tools available on the market, but the price and efficiency may vary from device to device (e.g. Proxmark 3 – RFID swiss-army tool). Why to choose Chameleon Mini RevE Rebooted? It’s very small piece of hardware, highly affordable, portable and capable of reading/cloning RFID/MiFare cards and emulating multiple HF tags at once.

  • Thanks to its small size, you can carry it around without any worries that someone will notice it.
  • You can use it to emulate ISO 14443, NFC, and ISO 1569, Mifare 1K (4-bit and 7-bit UID), Mifare 4K (4-bit and 7-bit UID), Mifare Ultralight, which will allow you to clone hotel cards, gym passes, train/bus tickets, e-wallets, contactless payments, etc.
  • RevE Rebooted can store up to 8 card configurations (tags), which you can use later. In addition, it also provides a GUI for easier usage, so you can use it with both Terminal and GUI.
  • It also provides an app Chameleon Mini Live Debugger – interactive NFC debugging and logging tool for android devices.
  • You can use it in combination with Proxmark 3 RDV2 for Mifare Cracking via Reader Attack.
  • And so much more.


Chameleon Mini RevE Rebooted has a strong community and it’s in the active/constant development mode. There are also a plenty of tutorials/videos and documentation for the “easy” start. The price is very affordable ($80+), so we can say that it’s one of the cheaper RFID/NFC devices. The Chameleon Mini RevE Rebooted is a must have tool for every pentester, cybersecurity researcher, hacker and anyone interested in RFID, so you should consider buying one for your RFID toolset anyhow.

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