Wifi Deauthers

A wifi deauther allows you to disconnect devices from a WiFi network. Even if you’re not connected to that network. Deauthers take advantage of a weakness in the 802.11 protocol which allows the sending of deauthentication frames by unauthorised devices.

Deauthers come with other features such as Beacon Spamming (spamming WiFi network names) and Probe Spamming

Our deauthers are not WiFi Jammers, though they have a similar effect

wifi deauther

Wifi Be Gone!

Deauthers main purpose is to demonstrate a flaw in the WiFi protocol (2.4ghz band). Using our deauthers you can select a certain WiFi network, then with a click of a button all devices within range connected to that network will be disconnected. As long as the attack is still running, no devices within range (2.4ghz) will be able to reconnect to that network.

Other features include Beacon Spamming, this feature will spam a custom list of WiFi network names within range. You can’t actually connect to these networks, but they will confuse anyone looking for a WiFi network.

wifi deauther
wifi deauther

Wifi Deauther - Ease Of Use

We have 2 different deauthers. The Watch Wristband Deauther and theĀ OLED Deauther.

The Wristband Watch deauther looks just like a normal watch, once turned on scan and attack the designated network.

The OLED deauther is standalone. Once plugged in, you can control him using a toggle switch and the OLED screen. No need to control him via your phone, everything you need is on the device itself!

Original Firmware from Creators

Our deauthers use firmware developed by Spacehuhn (Stefan Kremser). Whilst most purpose built deauthers on the market rip off his creation, our deauthers are the real official boards; approved by spacechuhn, with a portion of sales going back to support him.
spacehuhn wifi deauther

Wifi Deauthers Price

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