Wifi Keyloggers

Hardware wifi keyloggers are the only way to covertly record keystrokes with no possibility of detection by the computer!

Our KeyLoggers are WiFi enabled meaning once setup they can be accessed from a distance.

cactus whid keylogger usb rubber ducky

Undetectable Keylogger

Because our keyloggers only snoop the USB connection without altering it, they’re completely undetectable by the target pc.
Unless you know what you’re looking for and notice the keylogger behind your computer there’s no way to know your keys are being logged.

Possible Attack Vectors

Remote Keystrokes Injection Over WiFi

Social Engineering: Deploy WHID inside an USB gadget

device manager wifi keylogger
cactus wifi keylogger usb rubber ducky

Wifi Keylogger - Ease Of Use

Our Cactus WHID keylogger/rubber ducky are delivered with pre-loaded ESPloitV2 and are ready to Plug-n-Hack

Thus, even if you are not an Arduino expert, you can immediately have fun.

Just plug it in an USB port and connect to the WiFi network:

SSID “Exploit”

Password “DotAgency”

Open a web browser pointed to “

The default administration username is “admin” and password “hacktheplanet“.

Remote Control Via Mobile App

Unlike most keyloggers (keygrabbber and keyllama) and usb rubber duckies, the cactus whid allows payloads and keystrokes to be captured via an easy to use mobile application.

What you can do with WHID Mobile Connector?

Easily and Quickly Control and Inject Keystrokes Remotely over WiFi.

Create New Payloads and Store Locally on your Phone. (Thus you won’t need to upload them on the WHID Injector’s memory and thus make Blue Teams life a bit harder in case of a Forensics Analysis.)

Modify Existing Payloads. (Yes. It is already delivered with a set of cool payloads in it!)

Remotely Configure WHID Injector (e.g. WiFi and IP Settings, OTA Firmware Update, Format FileSystem, AutoPayload feature, etc.).


whid wifi keylogger mobile app
cactus wifi usb rubber ducky keylogger

Customizable Keylogger Third-Party Software Supported

Not only are you able to send payloads and keystrokes with your mobile phone, but you can customize the keylogger to your needs.

The Cactus WHID rubber ducky/keylogger is this most complete tool for hackers and penetration testers alike. More info listed below on third party scripts.

ESPloit V2

This is the upgraded version of my WHID GUI, which was developed by Corey from Exploit Agency! (Since July it is the default software you will find pre-installed into Cactus WHID!)


This awesome tool has been created by @RoganDawes from @SensePost.

It is more than a simple remote HID injector! It permits to bypass air-gapped environments and have a side-channel C&C communication over WHID’s ESP wifi!

WiFi Ducky

This is a nice project developed by @spacehuhn and it brings even further my simplistic WHID’s software, by adding cool features like: realtime injection, ESP fw OTA update, etc.


An older-but-cool project, which has the pro feature to use the ESP’s wifi as C&C communication channel. It also has its own Android app for remote control.

Wifi Keyloggers Price

Cactus WHID Keylogger - Video Tutorials

Full documentation on cactus whid ducky/keylogger at whid.ninja and elite.whid.ninja

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