Httpgrep - Scans HTTP Servers To Find Given Strings In URIs

Httpgrep – Scans HTTP Servers To Find Given Strings In URIs

A python tool which scans for HTTP servers and finds given strings in URIs.


$ httpgrep -H

--==[ httpgrep by ]==--


httpgrep -h <args> -s <arg> [opts] | <misc>


-h <hosts|file> - single host or host-range/cidr-range or file containing
hosts, e.g.:,,, /tmp/hosts.txt
-p <port> - port to connect to (default: 80)
-t - use TLS/SSL to connect to service
-u <URI> - URI to search given strings in, e.g.: /foobar/, /foo.html
(default /)
-s <string|file> - a single string or multile strings in a file to find in
given URIs, e.g. 'tomcat 8', '/tmp/igot0daysforthese.txt'
-b <bytes> - num bytes to read from response. offset == response[0].
(default: 64)
-x <threads> - num thre ads for concurrent checks (default: 50)
-c <seconds> - num seconds for socket timeout (default: 2.5)
-i - use case-insensitive search
-v - verbose mode (default: quiet)


-H - print help
-V - print version information



  • quick’n’dirty code
  • httpgrep is already packaged and available for BlackArch Linux
  • My master-branches are always stable; dev-branches are created for current work.
  • All of my public stuff you find are officially announced and published via

Check docs/LICENSE.

We hereby emphasize, that the hacking related stuff found on are only for education purposes. We are not responsible for any damages. You are responsible for your own actions.

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