Lulzbuster - A Very Fast And Smart Web Directory And File Enumeration Tool Written In C

Lulzbuster – A Very Fast And Smart Web Directory And File Enumeration Tool Written In C

Lulzbuster is a very fast and smart web directory and file enumeration tool written in C.


$ lulzbuster -H
__ __ __ __
/ /_ __/ /___ / /_ __ _______/ /____ _____
/ / / / / /_ / / __ / / / / ___/ __/ _ / ___/
/ / /_/ / / / /_/ /_/ / /_/ (__ ) /_/ __/ /
/_/__,_/_/ /___/_.___/__,_/____/__/___/_/

--==[ by ] ==--


lulzbuster -s <arg> [opts] | <misc>

target options

-s <url> - start url to begin scan with

http options

-h <type> - http request type (default: GET) - ? to list types
-x <code> - exclude http status codes (default: 400,404,500,501,502,503
multi codes separated by ',')
-f - follow http redirects. hint: better try appending a '/'
with '-A' option first instead of using '-f'
-F <num> - num level to follow http redirects (default: 0)
-u <str> - use r-agent string (default: built-in windows firefox)
-U - use random built-in user-agents
-c <str> - pass custom header(s) (e.g. 'Cookie: foo=bar; lol=lulz')
-a <creds> - http auth credentials (format: <user>:<pass>)
-r - turn on auto update referrer
-j <num> - define http version (default: curl's default) - ? to list

timeout options

-D <num> - num seconds for delay between requests (default: 0)
-C <num> - num seconds for connect timeout (default: 10)
-R <num> - num seconds for request timeout (default: 30)
-T <num> - num seconds to give up and exit lulzbuster completely
(default: none)

tuning options

-t <num> - num threads for concurrent scanning (default: 30)
-g <num> - num connection cache size for curl (default: 30)
note: this value should always equal to -t's value

other options

-w <file> - wordlist file
(default: /usr/local/share/lulzbuster/lists/medium.txt)
-A <str> - append any words separated by comma (e.g. '/,.php,~bak)
-p <addr> - proxy address (format: <scheme>://<host>:<port>) - ? to
list supported schemes
-P <creds> - proxy auth credentials (format: <user>:<pass>)
-i - insecure mode (skips ssl/tls cert verification)
-S - smart mode aka eliminate false-positives, more infos,
et c. (use this if speed is not your 1st priority!)
-n <str> - nameservers (default: ',,'
multi separated by '.')
-l <file> - log found paths and valid urls to file


-X - print built-in user-agents
-V - print version of lulzbuster and exit
-H - print this help and exit



  • clean code; real project
  • lulzbuster is already packaged and available for BlackArch Linux
  • My master-branches are always stable; dev-branches are created for current work.
  • All of my public stuff you find are officially announced and published via

We hereby emphasize, that the hacking related stuff found on are only for education purposes. We are not responsible for any damages. You are responsible for your own actions.

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