Osi.Ig - Information Gathering Instagram

Osi.Ig – Information Gathering Instagram

  • The Instagram OSINT Tool gets a range of information from an Instagram account that you normally wouldn’t be able to get from just looking at their profile

  • The information includes:

  • [ profile ] : user id, followers / following, number of uploads, profile img URL, business enum, external URL, joined Recently, etc

  • [ tags & mentions ] : most used hashtags and mentioned accounts

  • [ email ] : if any email is used any where it’ll be displayed

  • [ posts ] : accessability caption, location, timestamp, caption, picture url, etc

    • ( yet not working correctly with posts instagram marks as ‘sensitive cotent’ )

• How To Install

$ pkg install -y git

$ git clone https://github.com/th3unkn0n/osi.ig.git && cd osi.ig

$ python3 -m pip install requirements.txt

• Usage

$ python3 main.py -u username

$ python3 main.py -h

-p, --post images info highlight

• Update

$ git pull

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