TiEtwAgent – PoC Memory Injection Detection Agent Based On ETW, For Offensive And Defensive Research Purposes

This project was created to research, build and test different memory injection detection use cases and bypass techniques. The agent utilizes Microsoft-Windows-Threat-Intelligence event tracing provider, as a more modern and stable alternative to Userland-hooking, with the benefit of Kernel-mode visibility.

The project depends on the microsoft/krabsetw library for ETS setup and consumption.

An accompanying blog post can be found here: https://blog.redbluepurple.io/windows-security-research/kernel-tracing-injection-detection

Adding new detections

Detection functions can be easily added in DetectionLogic.cpp, and called from detect_event(GenericEvent evt) for any source event type. Support for new event fields can be easily added by appending their name to the map in GenericEvent class declaration.

Setup instructions

Assuming you do not have a Microsoft-trusted signing certificate:

  • Put your machine in the test signing mode with bcdedit
  • Generate a self-signed certificate with ELAM and Code Signing EKU
  • Sign TiEtwAgent.exe and your ELAM driver with the certificate
  • ./TiEtwAgent install
  • net start TiEtwAgent
  • Look for logs, by default in C:WindowsTempTiEtwAgent.txt


  • PPL Service, event parsing
  • First detection
  • Detection lifecycle
  • Risk based lifecycle

PS. If you do not want to write an ELAM driver, you can get one from https://github.com/pathtofile/PPLRunner/tree/main/elam_driver

Special thanks to @pathtofile for the post here: https://blog.tofile.dev/2020/12/16/elam.html

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