Owt - The Most Compact WiFi Auditing Tool That Works On Command Line Linux

Owt – The Most Compact WiFi Auditing Tool That Works On Command Line Linux


This tool compiles some necessary tools for wifi auditing in a unix bash script with a user friendly interface. The goal of owt is to have the smallest file size possible while still functioning at maximum proficiency.

Installation & Running the script

~ $ git clone https://github.com/clu3bot/OWT.git
~ $ cd owt
~ $ sudo bash owt.sh

Note: owt requires root privileges

Make sure to allow updates regularly


Detailed How-to of owt can be found here


Troubleshoot.sh will detect possible problems you may have with owt

~ $ cd owt
~ $ sudo bash troubleshoot.sh

owt Premium Edition


  • aircrack-ng
  • mdk3
  • xterm
  • macchanger
  • owt tool will prompt the user to download these dependencies if they arent installed.

In The Works

  • Expanding owt from being just for wireless network attacking. More information below.
  • Adding more advanced functionality to owt such as NTP amplification attacks to screw with NTP servers for dosing websites.
  • Adding AP tracking functionality and ability to save lists of common saved networks that devices have in the area. I.E if there is a starbucks near by you can track if starbucks is a common AP that phones in the area have as a saved network. This is useful for knowing which APs to spoof.
  • Adding a method of saving text or csv files of device names and mac-addresses on a newtwork.
  • Making a windows version of owt.
  • Major U.I changes
  • Fixing the “issue” where owt doesn’t support use within Virtual Machines. Not priority as this is a pain in the ass but has been requested 🙂


owt Version History can be found here

Stable Releases Source Code can be found here

All Resources

  • Contact me here
  • Tutorial for owt here
  • owt wiki here
  • Updates/Versions history here
  • Help and Troubleshooting here

Legal Notice

This script is intended to be used on networks you own. Don’t use this script maliciously. You are responsible for your own actions.

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