PeTeReport - An Open-Source Application Vulnerability Reporting Tool

PeTeReport – An Open-Source Application Vulnerability Reporting Tool

PeTeReport (PenTest Report) is an open-source application vulnerability reporting tool designed to assist pentesting/redteaming efforts, by simplifying the task of writting and generation of reports.

Focused in product security, the tool help security researchers and pentesters to provide detailed findings, appendix, attack paths and manage a finding template database to avoid wasting time spent in the reporting phase.

PeTeReport (PenTest Report) is written in Django and Python 3 with the aim to help pentesters to manage a finding repository, write reports (in Markdown) and generate reports in different formats (HTML, CSV, PDF, Jupyter and Markdown).



Installation and deployment


  • Customizable reports output
  • Customizable reports templates
  • Findings template database
  • Possibility to add appendix to findings
  • Possibility to add attack trees Deciduous to findings
  • HTML Output format
  • CSV Output format
  • PDF Output format
  • Jupyter Notebook Output format
  • Markdown Output format
  • CVSS 3.1 Score
  • Docker installation
  • DefectDojo integration
  • User management


  • More Output formats
  • API


Demo admin/P3t3r3p0rt

Sample Reports

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