Driftwood - Private Key Usage Verification

Driftwood – Private Key Usage Verification

Driftwood is a tool that can enable you to lookup whether a private key is used for things like TLS or as a GitHub SSH key for a user.

Driftwood performs lookups with the computed public key, so the private key never leaves where you run the tool. Additionally it supports some basic password cracking for encrypted keys.


Three easy ways to get started.

Run with Docker

cat private.key | docker run --rm -i trufflesecurity/driftwood --pretty-json -

Run pre-built binary

Download the binary from the releases page and run it.

Build yourself

go install github.com/trufflesecurity/[email protected]


Minimal usage is

$ driftwood path/to/privatekey.pem

Run with --help to see more options.

Library Usage

Packages under pkg/ are libraries that can be used for external consumption. Packages under pkg/exp/ are considered to be experimental status and may have breaking changes.

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