Gitcolombo - Extract And Analyze Contributors Info From Git Repos

Gitcolombo – Extract And Analyze Contributors Info From Git Repos

OSINT tool to extract info about persons from git repositories: common names, emails, matches between different (as it may seems) accounts.


  1. Install git

  2. Run:

    repos by nickname ./ –nickname LubyRuffy”>

     # from any git url
    ./ -u

    # from directory, recursively
    ./ -d ./newlps -r

    # from all GitHub personal/org repos by nickname
    ./ --nickname LubyRuffy

For batch cloning from Gitlab and Bitbucket group repos you can use ghorg.


  • verbose persons info

    • name
    • email
    • number of appearences as author/committer
    • other persons that person can be
  • emails used for the same name

  • different names for the same person

  • general statistics



What’s the difference between git author and committer?


  • author wrote the code (make the patch)
  • commiter commit it to the repo (rewrite history, make pull/merge requests…)

Nice explanation:

Very often developers make inaccurate commits with the one name/email (e.g. work account), then change to the right (e.g. personal account) and make git commit --amend, but forget to change the author of the commit. This way we can use it for OSINT as match of names/emails from git history.


  • Total statistics for repos in a directory
  • Check different names for every email
  • GitHub support: clone all repos from account/group
  • GitHub support: api pagination
  • GitHub support: extract links to accounts from commit info
  • Exclude “system” accounts (e.g. [email protected])
  • Probabilistic graph links based on same names/emails and Levenshtein distance
  • Other popular git platforms: Gitlab, Bitbucket and also

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