CRLFsuite - Fast CRLF Injection Scanning Tool

CRLFsuite – Fast CRLF Injection Scanning Tool

CRLFsuite is a fast tool specially designed to scan CRLF injection.


$ git clone
$ cd CRLFsuite
$ sudo python3 install
$ crlfsuite -h


  • Single URL scanning
  • Multiple URL scanning
  • Stdin supported
  • GET & POST method supported
  • Concurrency
  • Best Payloads list
  • Headers supported
  • Fast and efficient scanning with negligible false-positive


Single URL scanning:

$ crlfsuite -u ""

Multiple URLs scanning:

$ crlfsuite -i targets.txt

from stdin:

$ subfinder -d -silent | httpx -silent | crlfsuite -s

Specifying cookies


$ crlfsuite -u "" --cookies "key=val; newkey=newval"

Using POST method:

$ crlfsuite -i targets.txt -m POST -d "key=val&newkey=newval"

Bug report

If You’re facing some errors or issues with this tool, you can open a issue here:

Open a issue

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