TaskManager-Button-Disabler – Simple Way To Disable/Rename Buttons From A Task Manager

Simple way to disable/rename buttons from a task manager. Installation git clone https://github.com/Mrakovic-ORG/TaskManager-Button-Disablercd TaskManager-Button-DisablerTaskManager Button Disablerdotnet build Features Rename kill proccess button Disable kill proccess button Works in TaskMgr, ProcessHacker etc… Download TaskManager-Button-Disabler

SUDO_KILLER – A Tool To Identify And Exploit Sudo Rules’ Misconfigurations And Vulnerabilities Within Sudo

Linux Privilege Escalation through SUDO abuse.If you like the tool and for my personal motivation so as to develop other tools please a +1 star *The tool can be used by pentesters, system admins, CTF players, students, System Auditors and trolls :). INTRO**WARNING: SUDO_KILLER is part of the KILLER project. SUDO_KILLER is still under developmentRead More

Adama – Searches For Threat Hunting And Security Analytics

Adama Searches For Threat Hunting and Security AnalyticsA collection of known log and / or event data searches for threat hunting and detection. They enumerate sets of searches used across many different data pipelines. Implementation details are for ELK. Adama is part of the SpaceCake project which is a set of hunts, searches, alerts, visualizationsRead More

Metabigor – Intelligence Tool But Without API Key

Intelligence Tool but without API key What is Metabigor?Metabigor is Intelligence tool, its goal is to do OSINT tasks and more but without any API key. Installation go get -u github.com/j3ssie/metabigor Main features Discover IP Address of the target. Wrapper for running masscan and nmap on IP target. Do searching from command line on someRead More

Rabid – A CLI Tool And Library Allowing To Simply Decode All Kind Of BigIP Cookies

RApid Big IP Decoder What it isA CLI tool and library allowing to simply decode all kind of BigIP cookies.Features Support all 4 cookie formats CLI tool & library Hackable ReferencesHomepage / Documentation: https://orange-cyberdefense.github.io/rabid/ AuthorMade by Alexandre ZANNI (@noraj), pentester from Orange Cyberdefense. Download Rabid

0L4Bs – Cross-site Scripting Labs For Web Application Security Enthusiasts

Cross-site scripting labs for web application security enthusiastsList of Chall : ~ Chall 1 | URL~ Chall 2 | Form~ Chall 3 | User-Agent~ Chall 4 | Referrer~ Chall 5 | Cookie~ Chall 6 | LocalStorage~ Chall 7 | Login Page~ Chall 8 | File Upload~ Chall 9 | Base64 Encoding~ Chall 10 | RemovesRead More

CVE Api – Parse & filter the latest CVEs from cve.mitre.org

Parse & filter the latest CVEs from https://cve.mitre.org. Docs Usagehttp://localhost:4000/cve?target=KEYWORDThe year parameter is optional.http://localhost:4000/cve?target=KEYWORD&year=YEAR Exampleshttp://localhost:4000/cve?target=ruby%20on%20rails http://localhost:4000/cve?target=ruby%20on%20rails&year=2020If you want to parse the latest year, use the “latest” keyword.http://localhost:4000/cve?target=ruby%20on%20rails&year=latest Getting started Download the project bundle install ruby rest.rb Requirements Ruby Docker (Optional, only required if you want to run through a container.) EnvironmentYou can switch between prodRead More

NekoBot – Auto Exploiter With 500+ Exploit 2000+ Shell

NekoBotV1 | Auto Exploiter With 500+ Exploit 2000+ ShellFeatures :[+] WordPress : 1- Cherry-Plugin2- download-manager Plugin3- wysija-newsletters4- Slider Revolution [Revslider]5- gravity-forms6- userpro7- wp-gdpr-compliance8- wp-graphql9- formcraft10- Headway11- Pagelines Plugin12- WooCommerce-ProductAddons13- CateGory-page-icons14- addblockblocker15- barclaycart16- Wp 4.7 Core Exploit17- eshop-magic18- HD-WebPlayer19- WP Job Manager20- wp-miniaudioplayer21- wp-support-plus22- ungallery Plugin23- WP User Frontend24- Viral-options25- Social Warfare26- jekyll-exporter27- cloudflare plugin28- realiaRead More

Gospider – Fast Web Spider Written In Go

GoSpider – Fast web spider written in Go Installation go get -u github.com/jaeles-project/gospider Features Fast web crawling Brute force and parse sitemap.xml Parse robots.txt Generate and verify link from JavaScript files Link Finder Find AWS-S3 from response source Find subdomains from response source Get URLs from Wayback Machine, Common Crawl, Virus Total, Alien Vault FormatRead More

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