Contactless Card Standards – Differences between ISO/IEC 10536, 14443, and 15693

To date, three contactless technologies have received standards classification from the International Organization for Standards (ISO), an umbrella organization made up of 130 national standards bodies from around the world, and the International Electro Technical Committee (IEC), an organization representing more than 50 national standards bodies focused on electronics.


RTL-SDR is a multipurpose SDR device of great utility with physical size very similar to that of a pen drive. Being a Software-defined Radio device, thanks to the chipset inside, belonging to the Radios technology defined by Software, its functionality is multiplied by each computer application that supports it.

Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi® is a tiny, single-board, low-cost, high-performance computer first developed in the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. It was introduced as a learning tool with the goal to get kids into programming/coding with cheap and small, but very powerful mini computer.

USB Killer V3

The USB Killer V3 is pretty much a simple device, initially developed by the security team based in Hong Kong, having a few high voltages, a FET, a DC/DC converter and a USB connector. Once plugged into a targeted device it will cycle voltage (charge/discharge 220V) until something drops dead.