AirStrike – Automatically Grab And Crack WPA-2 Handshakes With Distributed Client-Server Architecture

Tool that automates cracking of WPA-2 Wi-Fi credentials using client-server architecture Requirements Airstrike uses Hashcat Brain Architecture, aircrack-ng suite, entr utility and some helper scripts. You can use script to download all dependencies (if you’re on system which has an access to apt or pacman, but if you’re using Gentoo or Void Linux, you’dRead More

Brutus – An Educational Exploitation Framework Shipped On A Modular And Highly Extensible Multi-Tasking And Multi-Processing Architecture

An educational exploitation framework shipped on a modular and highly extensible multi-tasking and multi-processing architecture. Brutus: an Introduction Looking for version 1? See the branches in this repository. Brutus is an educational exploitation framework written in Python. It automates pre and post-connection network-based exploits, as well as web-based reconnaissance. As a light-weight framework, Brutus aimsRead More

Mediator – An Extensible, End-To-End Encrypted Reverse Shell With A Novel Approach To Its Architecture

Mediator is an end-to-end encrypted reverse shell in which the operator and the shell connect to a “mediator” server that bridges the connections. This removes the need for the operator/handler to set up port forwarding in order to listen for the connection. Mediator also allows you to create plugins to expand the functionality of theRead More

Cpufetch – Simplistic Yet Fancy CPU Architecture Fetching Tool

Simplistic yet fancy CPU architecture fetching tool 1. Support cpufetch currently supports x86_64 CPUs (both Intel and AMD) and ARM. Platform x86_64 ARM Notes Linux ✔️ ✔️ Prefered platform. Experimental ARM support Windows ✔️ ❌ Some information may be missing. Colors will be used if supported Android ❗ ✔️ Experimental ARM support macOS ✔️ ❌Read More

ByteDance-HIDS – A Cloud-Native Host-Based Intrusion Detection Solution Project To Provide Next-Generation Threat Detection And Behavior Audition With Modern Architecture

ByteDance-HIDS is a Cloud-Native Host-Based Intrusion Detection solution project to provide next-generation Threat Detection and Behavior Audition with modern architecture. ByteDance-HIDS comprises three major components: ByteDance-HIDS Agent, co-worked with ByteDance-HIDS Driver, is the game-changer for the Data Collection market. It works at both Kernel and User Space of Linux System, providing rich data flow withRead More