EvilSelenium – A Tool That Weaponizes Selenium To Attack Chromium Based Browsers

EvilSelenium is a new project that weaponizes Selenium to abuse Chromium-based browsers. The current features right now are: Steal stored credentials (via autofill) Steal cookies Take screenshots of websites Dump Gmail/O365 emails Dump WhatsApp messages Download & exfiltrate files Add SSH keys to GitHub Or extend the existing functionality to suit your needs (e.g. DownloadRead More

GoodHound – Uses Sharphound, Bloodhound And Neo4j To Produce An Actionable List Of Attack Paths For Targeted Remediation

Attackers think in graphs, defenders think in actions, management think in charts. GoodHound operationalises Bloodhound by determining the busiest paths to high value targets and creating actionable output to prioritise remediation of attack paths. Usage Quick Start For a very quick start with most of the default options, make sure you have your neo4j serverRead More

openSquat – Detection Of Phishing Domains And Domain Squatting. Supports Permutations Such As Homograph Attack, Typosquatting And Bitsquatting

What is openSquat openSquat is an opensource Intelligence (OSINT) security tool to identify cyber squatting threats to specific companies or domains, such as: Phishing campaigns Domain squatting Typo squatting Bitsquatting IDN homograph attacks Doppenganger domains Other brand/domain related scams It does support some key features such as: Automatic newly registered domain updating (once a day)Read More

Get-RBCD-Threaded – Tool To Discover Resource-Based Constrained Delegation Attack Paths In Active Directory Environments

Tool to discover Resource-Based Constrained Delegation attack paths in Active Directory Environments Based almost entirely on wonderful blog posts “Wagging the Dog: Abusing Resource-Based Constrained Delegation to Attack Active Directory” by Elad Shamir and “A Case Study in Wagging the Dog: Computer Takeover” by harmj0y. Read these two blog posts if you actually want toRead More

Mininode – A CLI Tool To Reduce The Attack Surface Of The Node.js Applications By Using Static Analysis

Mininode is a CLI tool to reduce the attack surface of the Node.js applications by using static analysis of source code. It supports two modes of reduction (1) coarse, (2) fine. Mininode constructs the dependency graph (modules and functions used) of the application starting from main file, i.e. entry point of the application. Mininode initializesRead More

Kerberoast – Kerberoast Attack -Pure Python-

Kerberos attack toolkit -pure python-  Install pip3 install kerberoast Prereqirements Python 3.6 See requirements.txt For the impatient IMPORTANT: the accepted target url formats for LDAP and Kerberos are the following <ldap_connection_url> : <protocol>+<auth-type>://<domain><user>:<password>@<ip_or_hostname>/?<param1>=<value1> <kerberos_connection_url>: <protocol>+<auth-type>://<domain><user>:<password>@<ip_or_hostname>/?<param1>=<value1> Steps -with SSPI-: kerberoast auto <DC_ip> Steps -SSPI not used-: Look for vulnerable users via LDAP kerberoast ldap all <ldap_connection_url>Read More

ThreatBox – A Standard And Controlled Linux Based Attack Platform

ThreatBox is a standard and controlled Linux based attack platform. I’ve used a version of this for years. It started as a collection of scripts, lived as a rolling virtual machine, existed as code to build a Linux ISO, and has now been converted to a set of ansible playbooks. Why Ansible? Why not? ThisRead More

pwnSpoof – Generates realistic spoofed log files for common web servers with customisable attack scenarios

pwnSpoof (from Punk Security) generates realistic spoofed log files for common web servers with customisable attack scenarios. Every log bundle is unique and completely customisable, making it perfect for generating CTF scenarios and for training serials. Can you find the attacker session and build the incident picture?   About The Project pwnSpoof was created onRead More

VECTR – A Tool That Facilitates Tracking Of Your Red And Blue Team Testing Activities To Measure Detection And Prevention Capabilities Across Different Attack Scenarios

VECTR documentation can be found here: https://docs.vectr.io VECTR Community Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/2FRd8zf728 VECTR is a tool that facilitates tracking of your red and blue team testing activities to measure detection and prevention capabilities across different attack scenarios. VECTR provides the ability to create assessment groups, which consist of a collection of Campaigns and supporting TestRead More

Attack-Surface-Framework – Tool To Discover External And Internal Network Attack Surface

ASF aims to protect organizations acting as an attack surface watchdog, provided an “Object” which might be a: Domain, IP address or CIDR (Internal or External), ASF will discover assets/subdomains, enumerate their ports and services, track deltas and serve as a continuous and flexible attacking and alerting framework leveraging an additional layer of support againstRead More