Beanshooter – JMX Enumeration And Attacking Tool

[*] Beanshooter is a command line tool written in Java, which helps to identify common vulnerabilities on JMX endpoints. Introduction JMX stands for Java Management Extensions and can be used to monitor and configure the Java Virtual Machine from remote. Applications like tomcat or JBoss are often installed together with a JMX instance, which enablesRead More

SharpSphere – .NET Project For Attacking vCenter

SharpSphere gives red teamers the ability to easily interact with the guest operating systems of virtual machines managed by vCenter. It uses the vSphere Web Services API and exposes the following functions: Command & Control – In combination with F-Secure’s C3, SharpSphere provides C&C into VMs using VMware Tools, with no direct network connectivity toRead More

ADCollector – A Lightweight Tool To Quickly Extract Valuable Information From The Active Directory Environment For Both Attacking And Defending

ADCollector is a lightweight tool that enumerates the Active Directory environment to identify possible attack vectors. It will give you a basic understanding of the configuration/deployment of the environment as a starting point. Notes:ADCollector is not an alternative to the powerful PowerView, it just automates enumeration to quickly identify juicy information without thinking too muchRead More