ADFSRelay – Proof Of Concept Utilities Developed To Research NTLM Relaying Attacks Targeting ADFS

This repository includes two utilities NTLMParse and ADFSRelay. NTLMParse is a utility for decoding base64-encoded NTLM messages and printing information about the underlying properties and fields within the message. Examining these NTLM messages is helpful when researching the behavior of a particular NTLM implementation. ADFSRelay is a proof of concept utility developed while researching theRead More

Klyda – Highly Configurable Script For Dictionary/Spray Attacks Against Online Web Applications

The Klyda project has been created to aid in quick credential based attacks against online web applications. Klyda supports the use from simple password sprays, to large multithreaded dictionary attacks. Klyda is a new project, and I am looking for any contributions. Any help is very appreciated. Klyda offers simple, easy to remember usage; however,Read More

Stegowiper – A Powerful And Flexible Tool To Apply Active Attacks For Disrupting Stegomalware

Over the last 10 years, many threat groups have employed stegomalware or other steganography-based techniques to attack organizations from all sectors and in all regions of the world. Some examples are: APT15/Vixen Panda, APT23/Tropic Trooper, APT29/Cozy Bear, APT32/OceanLotus, APT34/OilRig, APT37/ScarCruft, APT38/Lazarus Group, Duqu Group, Turla, Vawtrack, Powload, Lokibot, Ursnif, IceID, etc. Our research (see APTs/)Read More

Pmanager – Store And Retrieve Your Passwords From A Secure Offline Database. Check If Your Passwords Has Leaked Previously To Prevent Targeted Password Reuse Attacks

Demo Description Store and retrieve your passwords from a secure offline database. Check if your passwords has leaked previously to prevent targeted password reuse attacks. Why develop another password manager ? This project was initially born from my desire to learn Rust. I was tired of using the clunky GUI of keepassxc. I wanted toRead More

Pax – CLI Tool For PKCS7 Padding Oracle Attacks

Exploit padding oracles for fun and profit! Pax (PAdding oracle eXploiter) is a tool for exploiting padding oracles in order to: Obtain plaintext for a given piece of CBC encrypted data. Obtain encrypted bytes for a given piece of plaintext, using the unknown encryption algorithm used by the oracle. This can be used to discloseRead More

Pretender – Your MitM Sidekick For Relaying Attacks Featuring DHCPv6 DNS Takeover As Well As mDNS, LLMNR And NetBIOS-NS Spoofing

Your MitM sidekick for relaying attacks featuring DHCPv6 DNS takeoveras well as mDNS, LLMNR and NetBIOS-NS spoofing pretender is a tool developed by RedTeam Pentesting to obtain machine-in-the-middle positions via spoofed local name resolution and DHCPv6 DNS takeover attacks. pretender primarily targets Windows hosts, as it is intended to be used for relaying attacks butRead More

Combobulator – Framework To Detect And Prevent Dependency Confusion Leakage And Potential Attacks

Dependency Combobulator is an Open-Source, modular and extensible framework to detect and prevent dependency confusion leakage and potential attacks. This facilitates a holistic approach for ensuring secure application releases that can be evaluated against different sources (e.g., GitHub Packages, JFrog Artifactory) and many package management schemes (e.g., ndm, maven). Intended Audiences The framework can beRead More

Http-Desync-Guardian – Analyze HTTP Requests To Minimize Risks Of HTTP Desync Attacks (Precursor For HTTP Request Smuggling/Splitting)

Overview HTTP/1.1 went through a long evolution since 1991 to 2014: HTTP/0.9 – 1991 HTTP/1.0 – 1996 HTTP/1.1 RFC 2068 – 1997 RFC 2616 – 1999 RFC 7230 – 2014 This means there is a variety of servers and clients, which might have different views on request boundaries, creating opportunities for desynchronization attacks (a.k.a. HTTPRead More

Rustpad – Multi-Threaded Padding Oracle Attacks Against Any Service

A multi-threaded what now? rustpad is a multi-threaded successor to the classic padbuster, written in Rust. It abuses a Padding Oracle vulnerability to decrypt any cypher text or encrypt arbitrary plain text without knowing the encryption key! Features Decryption of cypher texts Encryption of arbitrary plain text Multi-threading on both block and byte level Modern,Read More