Requests-Ip-Rotator – A Python Library To Utilize AWS API Gateway’s Large IP Pool As A Proxy To Generate Pseudo-Infinite IPs For Web Scraping And Brute Forcing

A Python library to utilize AWS API Gateway’s large IP pool as a proxy to generate pseudo-infinite IPs for web scraping and brute forcing. This library will allow the user to bypass IP-based rate-limits for sites and services. X-Forwarded-For headers are automatically randomised and applied unless given. This is because otherwise, AWS will send theRead More

Poro – Scan Publicly Accessible Assets On Your AWS Cloud Environment

Scan for publicly accessible assets on your AWS environment Services covered by this tool: AWS ELB API Gateway S3 Buckets RDS Databases EC2 instances Redshift Databases Poro also check if a tag you specify is applied to identified public resources using –tag-key and –tag-value arguments. Prequisites AWS account with Read Only Access to services listedRead More

Slyther – AWS Security Tool

Slyther is AWS Security tool to check read/write/delete access for S3 buckets   Requirements aws-cli Installation pip3 install -r requirements.txt Usage example python3 -b Release History 0.0.3 Added option to check if aws-cli is installed or not 0.0.2 Added option to check list of buckets 0.0.1 Initial release Created by – @iamavu DownloadRead More

S3Sec – Check AWS S3 Instances For Read/Write/Delete Access

Test AWS S3 buckets for read/write/delete access This tool was developed to quickly test a list of s3 buckets for public read, write and delete access for the purposes of penetration testing on bug bounty programs. Found a bug bounty using this tool? Feel free to add me as a collaborator: @0xmoot 🙂 Installation CloneRead More

Ghostbuster – Eliminate Dangling Elastic IPs By Performing Analysis On Your Resources Within All Your AWS Accounts

Eliminate dangling elastic IPs by performing analysis on your resources within all your AWS accounts. Ghostbuster obtains all the DNS records present in all of your AWS accounts (Route53), and can optionally take in records via CSV input, or via Cloudflare. After these records are collected, Ghostbuster iterates through all of your AWS Elastic IPsRead More

AWS-Loot – Pull Secrets From An AWS Environment

Searches an AWS environment looking for secrets, by enumerating environment variables and source code. This tool allows quick enumeration over large sets of AWS instances and services. Install pip install -r requirements.txt An AWS credential file (.aws/credentials) is required for authentication to the target environment Access Key Access Key Secret How it works Awsloot worksRead More

SyntheticSun – A Defense-In-Depth Security Automation And Monitoring Framework Which Utilizes Threat Intelligence, Machine Learning, Managed AWS Security Services And, Serverless Technologies To Continuously Prevent, Detect And Respond To Threats

SyntheticSun is a defense-in-depth security automation and monitoring framework which utilizes threat intelligence, machine learning, managed AWS security services and, serverless technologies to continuously prevent, detect and respond to threats. You sleep in fragmented glassWith reflections of you,But are you feeling alive?Yeah let me ask you,Are you feeling alive?– Norma Jean, 2016 Synopsis Uses event-Read More

IAM Vulnerable – Use Terraform To Create Your Own Vulnerable By Design AWS IAM Privilege Escalation Playground

Use Terraform to create your own vulnerable by design AWS IAM privilege escalation playground. IAM Vulnerable uses the Terraform binary and your AWS credentials to deploy over 250 IAM resources into your selected AWS account. Within minutes, you can start learning how to identify and exploit vulnerable IAM configurations that allow for privilege escalation. RecommendedRead More

Scour – AWS Exploitation Framework

Scour is a modern module based AWS exploitation framework written in golang, designed for red team testing and blue team analysis. Scour contains modern techniques that can be used to attack environments or build detections for defense. Features Command Completion Dynamic resource listing Command history Blue team mode (tags attacks with unique User Agent) InstallationRead More