Neurax – A Framework For Constructing Self-Spreading Binaries

A framework that aids in creation of self-spreading software Requirements go get -u go get -u New in v. 2.0 New wordlist mutators + common passwords by country Improvised passive scanning .FastScan option that makes active scans a bit quicker Wordlists are created strictly in-memory NeuraxScan() accepts a callback function instead of channelRead More

Polypyus – Learns To Locate Functions In Raw Binaries By Extracting Known Functions From Similar Binaries

Polypyus learns to locate functions in raw binaries by extracting known functions from similar binaries. Thus, it is a firmware historian. Polypyus works without disassembling these binaries, which is an advantage for binaries that are complex to disassemble and where common tools miss functions. In addition, the binary-only approach makes it very fast and runRead More

Digital Signature Hijack – Binaries, PowerShell Scripts And Information About Digital Signature Hijacking

Hijacking legitimate digital signatures is a technique that can be used during red team assessments in order to sign PowerShell code and binaries. This could assist to bypass Device Guard restrictions and maintain stealthy in an engagement. DigitalSignatureHijack is a PowerShell script based on Matt Graeber research that can perform the following operations: Digitally signRead More

Manul – A Coverage-Guided Parallel Fuzzer For Open-Source And Blackbox Binaries On Windows, Linux And MacOS

Manul is a coverage-guided parallel fuzzer for open-source and black-box binaries on Windows, Linux and macOS (beta) written in pure Python.Quick Start pip3 install psutilgit clone manulmkdir inmkdir outecho “AAAAAA” > in/testpython3 -i in -o out -n 4 “linux/test_afl @@” Installing Radamsa sudo apt-get install gcc make git wgetgit clone && cdRead More