Cypherhound – Terminal Application That Contains 260+ Neo4j Cyphers For BloodHound Data Sets

A Python3 terminal application that contains 260+ Neo4j cyphers for BloodHound data sets. Why? BloodHound is a staple tool for every red teamer. However, there are some negative side effects based on its design. I will cover the biggest pain points I’ve experienced and what this tool aims to address: My tools think in listsRead More

Autobloody – Tool To Automatically Exploit Active Directory Privilege Escalation Paths Shown By BloodHound

autobloody is a tool to automatically exploit Active Directory privilege escalation paths shown by BloodHound. Description This tool automates the AD privesc between two AD objects, the source (the one we own) and the target (the one we want) if a privesc path exists in BloodHound database. The automation is composed of two steps: FindingRead More

AzureHound – Azure Data Exporter For BloodHound

The BloodHound data collector for Microsoft Azure Get AzureHound Release Binaries Download the appropriate binary for your platform from one of our Releases. Rolling Release The rolling release contains pre-built binaries that are automatically kept up-to-date with the main branch and can be downloaded from here. Warning: The rolling release may be unstable. Compiling PrerequisitesRead More – An AD Explorer Snapshot Parser. It Is Made As An Ingestor For BloodHound, And Also Supports Full-Object Dumping To NDJSON is an AD Explorer snapshot parser. It is made as an ingestor for BloodHound, and also supports full-object dumping to NDJSON. AD Explorer allows you to connect to a DC and browse LDAP data. It can also create snapshots of the server you are currently attached to. This tool allows you to convert thoseRead More

GoodHound – Uses Sharphound, Bloodhound And Neo4j To Produce An Actionable List Of Attack Paths For Targeted Remediation

Attackers think in graphs, defenders think in actions, management think in charts. GoodHound operationalises Bloodhound by determining the busiest paths to high value targets and creating actionable output to prioritise remediation of attack paths. Usage Quick Start For a very quick start with most of the default options, make sure you have your neo4j serverRead More

MacHound – An extension to audit Bloodhound collecting and ingesting of Active Directory relationships on MacOS hosts

MacHound is an extension to the Bloodhound audting tool allowing collecting and ingesting of Active Directory relationships on MacOS hosts. MacHound collects information about logged-in users, and administrative group members on Mac machines and ingest the information into the Bloodhound database. In addition to using the HasSession and AdminTo edges, MacHound adds three new edgesRead More

SharpHound3 – C# Data Collector For The BloodHound Project

Get SharpHound The latest build of SharpHound will always be in the BloodHound repository here Compile Instructions SharpHound is written using C# 9.0 features. To easily compile this project, use Visual Studio 2019. If you would like to compile on previous versions of Visual Studio, you can install the Microsoft.Net.Compilers nuget package. Building the projectRead More

Aclpwn.Py – Active Directory ACL Exploitation With BloodHound is a tool that interacts with BloodHound to identify and exploit ACL based privilege escalation paths. It takes a starting and ending point and will use Neo4j pathfinding algorithms to find the most efficient ACL based privilege escalation path. is similar to the PowerShell based Invoke-Aclpwn, which you can read about in ourRead More