DirDar – A Tool That Searches For (403-Forbidden) Directories To Break It And Get Dir Listing On It

bypass forbidden directories – find and identify dir listing – you can use it as directory brute-forcer as well Compatabily This tool is compatible with all kind of operating systems as long as you have GO compiler installed Install You can use this command if you have Go installed and configured. go get -u github.com/m4dm0e/dirdarRead More

TeaBreak – A Productivity Burp Extension Which Reminds To Take Break While You Are At Work!

TeaBreak is a simple burp extension for security researchers and bug bounty hunters for helping them to increase their work productivity. We know how much health is important. It is recommended to take break from your work to avoid burnout, reduce eye strain and other health problems.How? Set your break time before commencement of yourRead More