EvilSelenium – A Tool That Weaponizes Selenium To Attack Chromium Based Browsers

EvilSelenium is a new project that weaponizes Selenium to abuse Chromium-based browsers. The current features right now are: Steal stored credentials (via autofill) Steal cookies Take screenshots of websites Dump Gmail/O365 emails Dump WhatsApp messages Download & exfiltrate files Add SSH keys to GitHub Or extend the existing functionality to suit your needs (e.g. DownloadRead More

Adamantium-Thief – Decrypt Chromium Based Browsers Passwords, Cookies, Credit Cards, History, Bookmarks

Get chromium browsers: passwords, credit cards, history, cookies, bookmarks.Chrome 80 > is supported!Examples: Get passwords from browsers: Stealer.exe PASSWORDS Get credit cards from browsers: Stealer.exe CREDIT_CARDS Get history from browsers: Stealer.exe HISTORY Get bookmarks from browsers: Stealer.exe BOOKMARKS Get cookies from browsers: Stealer.exe COOKIES Browsers list: Google Chrome Opera Chromium Brave-Browser Epic Privacy Browser AmigoRead More