RdpCacheStitcher – RdpCacheStitcher Is A Tool That Supports Forensic Analysts In Reconstructing Useful Images Out Of RDP Cache Bitmaps

RdpCacheStitcher is a tool that supports forensic analysts in reconstructing useful images out of RDP cache bitmaps. Using raw RDP cache tile bitmaps extracted by tools like e.g. ANSSI’s BMC-Tools (https://github.com/ANSSI-FR/bmc-tools) as input, it provides a graphical user interface and several placement heuristics for stitching tiles together so that meaningful images or even full screenshotsRead More

ByeIntegrity-UAC – Bypass UAC By Hijacking A DLL Located In The Native Image Cache

Bypass User Account Control (UAC) to gain elevated (Administrator) privileges to run any program at a high integrity level.  Requirements Administrator account UAC notification level set to default or lower How it works ByeIntegrity hijacks a DLL located in the Native Image Cache (NIC). The NIC is used by the .NET Framework to store optimizedRead More

FockCache – Minimalized Test Cache Poisoning

FockCache – Minimalized Test Cache Poisoning Detail For Cache Poisoning : https://portswigger.net/research/practical-web-cache-poisoning FockCacheFockCache tries to make cache poisoning by trying X-Forwarded-Host and X-Forwarded-Scheme headers on web pages.After successful result, it gives you a poisoned URL.To be added soon:1 – Page Param Checker2 – Recursive Checking Installation1 – Install with installer.shchmod +x installer.sh./installer.sh2 – Install manualgoRead More