Kubeaudit – Tool To Audit Your Kubernetes Clusters Against Common Security Controls

kubeaudit is a command line tool and a Go package to audit Kubernetes clusters for various different security concerns, such as: run as non-root use a read-only root filesystem drop scary capabilities, don’t add new ones don’t run privileged and more! tldr. kubeaudit makes sure you deploy secure containers! Package To use kubeaudit as aRead More

K0Otkit – Universal Post-Penetration Technique Which Could Be Used In Penetrations Against Kubernetes Clusters

[*] k0otkit is a universal post-penetration technique which could be used in penetrations against Kubernetes clusters. With k0otkit, you can manipulate all the nodes in the target Kubernetes cluster in a rapid, covert and continuous way (reverse shell). k0otkit is the combination of Kubernetes and rootkit. Prerequisite: k0otkit is a post-penetration tool, so you haveRead More

FACT – A Tool To Collect, Process And Visualise Forensic Data From Clusters Of Machines Running In The Cloud Or On-Premise

FACT is a tool to collect, process and visualise forensic data from clusters of machines running in the cloud or on-premise. Deployment For a basic single-node deployment, we recommend using Docker and Docker Compose. First, read docker-compose.yaml for configuration and requirements. Then, start the stack using: docker-compose up -d See the installation guide for moreRead More