SCMKit – Source Code Management Attack Toolkit

[*] Source Code Management Attack Toolkit – SCMKit is a toolkit that can be used to attack SCM systems. SCMKit allows the user to specify the SCM system and attack module to use, along with specifying valid credentials (username/password or API key) to the respective SCM system. Currently, the SCM systems that SCMKit supports areRead More

Jscythe – Abuse The Node.Js Inspector Mechanism In Order To Force Any Node.Js/Electron/V8 Based Process To Execute Arbitrary Javascript Code

jscythe abuses the node.js inspector mechanism in order to force any node.js/electron/v8 based process to execute arbitrary javascript code, even if their debugging capabilities are disabled. Tested and working against Visual Studio Code, Discord, any Node.js application and more! How Locate the target process. Send SIGUSR1 signal to the process, this will enable the debuggerRead More

PenguinTrace – Tool To Show How Code Runs At The Hardware Level

penguinTrace is intended to help build an understanding of how programs run at the hardware level. It provides a way to see what instructions compile to, and then step through those instructions and see how they affect machine state as well as how this maps back to variables in the original program. A bit moreRead More

SCodeScanner – Stands For Source Code Scanner Where The User Can Scans The Source Code For Finding The Critical Vulnerabilities

SCodeScanner stands for Source Code scanner where the user can scans the source code for finding the Critical Vulnerabilities. The main objective for this scanner is to find the vulnerabilities inside the source code before code gets published in Prod. Features Supported PHP Language Supported YAML Language Pass results to bug tracking services like JiraRead More

Concealed_Code_Execution – Tools And Technical Write-Ups Describing Attacking Techniques That Rely On Concealing Code Execution On Windows

Hunt & Hackett presents a set of tools and technical write-ups describing attacking techniques that rely on concealing code execution on Windows. Here you will find explanations of how these techniques work, receive advice on detection, and get sample source code for testing your detection coverage. Content This repository covers two classes of attacking techniquesRead More

OffensiveVBA – Code Execution And AV Evasion Methods For Macros In Office Documents

In preparation for a VBS AV Evasion Stream/Video I was doing some research for Office Macro code execution methods and evasion techniques. The list got longer and longer and I found no central place for offensive VBA templates – so this repo can be used for such. It is very far away from being complete.Read More

Haxx – Untethered + Unsandboxed Code Execution Haxx As Root On iOS 14 – iOS 14.8.1

Untethered + Unsandboxed code execution haxx as root on iOS 14 – iOS 14.8.1. Based on CoreTrustDemo, also please note that certificates are not copyrightable. Usage Note: requires macOS + existing jailbreak Get up and running On your mac import dev_certificate.p12 into the keychain, and the password is password. Modify haxx.c to include your ownRead More

Dlinject – Inject A Shared Library (I.E. Arbitrary Code) Into A Live Linux Process, Without Ptrace

Inject a shared library (i.e. arbitrary code) into a live linux process, without ptrace. Inspired by Cexigua and linux-inject, among other things. Usage .___.__ .__ __ __ __| _/| | |__| ____ |__| ____ _____/ |_ ______ ___.__. / __ | | | | |/ | |/ __ _/ ___ __ ____ < | |/Read More

CVE-2022-22963 – PoC Spring Java Framework 0-day Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

To run the vulnerable SpringBoot application run this docker container exposing it to port 8080. Example: docker run -it -d -p 8080:8080 bobcheat/springboot-public Exploit Curl command: curl -i -s -k -X $’POST’ -H $’Host:′ -H $’“touch /tmp/test”)’ –data-binary $’exploit_poc’ $’’ Or using Burp suite: Credits Download CVE-2022-22963

CodeAnalysis – Static Code Analysis

Tencent Cloud Code Analysis (TCA for short, code-named CodeDog inside the company early) is a comprehensive platform for code analysis and issue tracking. TCA consist of three components, server, web and client. It also supports the integration of other code analysis tools. Code analysis is a technology, using lexical analysis, syntax analysis, control-flow analysis, data-flowRead More