IPCDump – Tool For Tracing Interprocess Communication (IPC) On Linux

Announcement post ipcdump is a tool for tracing interprocess communication (IPC) on Linux. It covers most of the common IPC mechanisms — pipes, fifos, signals, unix sockets, loopback-based networking, and pseudoterminals. It’s a useful tool for debugging multi-process applications, and it’s also a simple way to understand how the different moving parts in your systemRead More

ToRat – A Remote Administation Tool Written In Go Using Tor As A Transport Mechanism And RPC For Communication

A Cross Platform Remote Administration tool written in Go using Tor as its transport mechanism currently supporting Windows, Linux, MacOS clients. How to How to use ToRat Preview Current Features RPC (Remote procedure Call) based communication for easy addition of new functionallity Automatic upx leads to client binaries of ~6MB with embedded Tor the ToRAT_clientRead More

LOLBITS v2.0.0 – C2 Framework That Uses Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) As Communication Protocol And Direct Syscalls + Dinvoke For EDR User-Mode Hooking Evasion

LOLBITS is a C2 framework that uses Microsoft’s Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) to establish the communication channel between the compromised host and the backend. The C2 backend is hidden behind an apparently harmless flask web application and it’s only accesible when the HTTP requests received by the app contain a valid authentication header. SinceRead More

Mistica – An Open Source Swiss Army Knife For Arbitrary Communication Over Application Protocols

Mística is a tool that allows to embed data into application layer protocol fields, with the goal of establishing a bi-directional channel for arbitrary communications. Currently, encapsulation into HTTP, DNS and ICMP protocols has been implemented, but more protocols are expected to be introduced in the near future.Mística has a modular design, built around aRead More