MacC2 – Mac Command And Control That Uses Internal API Calls Instead Of Command Line Utilities

MacC2 is a macOS post exploitation tool written in python that uses Objective C calls or python libraries as opposed to command line executions. The client is written in python2, which though deprecated is still being shipped with base Big Sur installs. It is possible down the road that Apple will remove python2 (or pythonRead More

DeimosC2 – A Golang Command And Control Framework For Post-Exploitation

DeimosC2 is a post-exploitation Command & Control (C2) tool that leverages multiple communication methods in order to control machines that have been compromised. DeimosC2 server and agents works on, and has been tested on, Windows, Darwin, and Linux. It is entirely written in Golang with a front end written in Vue.js.Listener Features Each listener hasRead More

SSHPry v2.0 – Spy and Control os SSH Connected client’s TTY

This is a second release of SSHPry tool, with multiple features added. Control of target’s TTY Built-In Keylogger Console-Level phishing Record & Replay previous sessions Demo Blogpost: @nopernik Howto./ – the toolEverything else parts of code used in the tool (does not depends on them) Download SSHPry2.0

Project-Black – Pentest/BugBounty Progress Control With Scanning Modules

Scope control, scope scanner and progress tracker for easier working on a bug bounty or pentest project. What is this tool for?The tools encourages more methodical work on pentest/bugbounty, tracking the progress and general scans information.It can launch masscan nmap dirsearch amass patator against the scope you work on and store the data in aRead More