FirmWire -b Full-System Baseband Firmware Emulation Platform For Fuzzing, Debugging, And Root-Cause Analysis Of Smartphone Baseband Firmwares

FirmWire is a full-system baseband firmware analysis platform that supports Samsung and MediaTek. It enables fuzzing, root-cause analysis, and debugging of baseband firmware images. See the FirmWire documentation to get started! Experiments & Missing Parts? Upon a vendor’s request, the current public release of FirmWire is a preview version omitting some of the functionality describedRead More

Lupo – Malware IOC Extractor. Debugging Module For Malware Analysis Automation

Debugging module for Malware Analysis Automation For a step by step post on how to use Lupo, with images and instructions, please see this post: Introduction Working on security incidents that involve malware, we come across situations on a regular basis where we feel the need to automate parts of the analysis process asRead More

Heaptrace – Helps Visualize Heap Operations For Pwn And Debugging

heaptrace is a heap debugger for tracking glibc heap operations in ELF64 (x86_64) binaries. Its purpose is to help visualize heap operations when debugging binaries or doing heap pwn. replaces addresses with easy-to-understand symbols detects heap corruption and memory leakage issues can debug in gdb at any point (–break) supports all ELF64 (x86_64) binaries regardlessRead More

Betwixt – Web Debugging Proxy Based On Chrome DevTools Network Panel

Betwixt will help you analyze web traffic outside the browser using familiar Chrome DevTools interface. InstallingDownload the latest release for your operating system, build your own bundle or run Betwixt from the source code. Setting upIn order to capture traffic, you’ll have to direct it to the proxy created by Betwixt in the background (http://localhost:8008).IfRead More