HackBrowserData – Decrypt Passwords/Cookies/History/Bookmarks From The Browser

hack-browser-data is an open-source tool that could help you decrypt data (passwords / bookmarks / cookies / history) from the browser. It supports the most popular browsers on the market and runs on Windows, macOS and Linux. Supported Browser Windows Browser Password Cookie Bookmark History Google Chrome yes yes yes yes Firefox yes yes yesRead More

Adamantium-Thief – Decrypt Chromium Based Browsers Passwords, Cookies, Credit Cards, History, Bookmarks

Get chromium browsers: passwords, credit cards, history, cookies, bookmarks.Chrome 80 > is supported!Examples: Get passwords from browsers: Stealer.exe PASSWORDS Get credit cards from browsers: Stealer.exe CREDIT_CARDS Get history from browsers: Stealer.exe HISTORY Get bookmarks from browsers: Stealer.exe BOOKMARKS Get cookies from browsers: Stealer.exe COOKIES Browsers list: Google Chrome Opera Chromium Brave-Browser Epic Privacy Browser AmigoRead More