Jsleak – A Go Code To Detect Leaks In JS Files Via Regex Patterns

jsleak is a tool to identify sensitive data in JS files through regex patterns. Although it’s built for this, you can use it to identify anything as long as you have a regex pattern for it. How to install Directly: {your package manager} install pkg-config libpcre++-devgo get github.com/0xTeles/jsleak/v2/jsleak Compiled: release page How to use UsageRead More

Tko-Subs – A Tool That Can Help Detect And Takeover Subdomains With Dead DNS Records

This tool allows: To check whether a subdomain can be taken over because it has: a dangling CNAME pointing to a CMS provider (Heroku, Github, Shopify, Amazon S3, Amazon CloudFront, etc.) that can be taken over. a dangling CNAME pointing to a non-existent domain name one or more wrong/typoed NS records pointing to a nameserverRead More

HoneyCreds – Network Credential Injection To Detect Responder And Other Network Poisoners

HoneyCreds network credential injection to detect responder and other network poisoners.  Requirements Requires Python 3.6+ (tested on Python 3.9)smbprotocolcffisplunk-sdk Installation git clone https://github.com/Ben0xA/HoneyCreds.gitcd HoneyCredspip3 install -r requirements.txt Running python3 honeycreds.py Settings It is advised that you change these settings to best suit your environment. Note: You can use an existing account, just change the password.Read More

Typodetect – Detect The Active Mutations Of Domains

This tool gives blue teams, SOC’s, researchers and companies the ability to detect the active mutations of their domains, thus preventing the use of these domains in fraudulent activities, such as phishing and smishing. For this, Typodetect allows the use of the latest available version of the TLDs (Top Level Domains) published on the IANARead More

Strafer – A Tool To Detect Potential Infections In Elasticsearch Instances

Elasticsearch infections are rising exponentially. The adversaries are exploiting open and exposed Elasticsearch interfaces to trigger infections in the cloud and non-cloud deployments. During this talk, we will release a tool named “STRAFER” to detect potential infections in the Elasticsearch instances. The tool allows security researchers, penetration testers, and threat intelligence experts to detect compromisedRead More

APT-Hunter – Threat Hunting Tool For Windows Event Logs Which Made By Purple Team Mindset To Provide Detect APT Movements Hidden In The Sea Of Windows Event Logs To Decrease The Time To Uncover Suspicious Activity

APT-Hunter is Threat Hunting tool for windows event logs which made by purple team mindset to provide detect APT movements hidden in the sea of windows event logs to decrease the time to uncover suspicious activity . this tool will make a good use of the windows event logs collected and make sure to notRead More

Terrascan – Detect Compliance And Security Violations Across Infrastructure As Code To Mitigate Risk Before Provisioning Cloud Native Infrastructure

Detect compliance and security violations across Infrastructure as Code to mitigate risk before provisioning cloud native infrastructure. GitHub Repo: https://github.com/accurics/terrascan Documentation: https://docs.accurics.com Discuss: https://community.accurics.com Features 500+ Policies for security best practices Scanning of Terraform 12+ (HCL2) Scanning of Kubernetes (JSON/YAML), Helm v3, and Kustomize v3 Support for AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes and GitHub Installing Terrascan’sRead More

Wsb-Detect – Tool To Detect If You Are Running In Windows Sandbox ("WSB")

wsb-detect enables you to detect if you are running in Windows Sandbox (“WSB”). The sandbox is used by Windows Defender for dynamic analysis, and commonly manually by security analysts and alike. At the tail end of 2019, Microsoft introduced a new feature named Windows Sandbox (WSB for short). The techniques used to fingerprint WSB areRead More

RmiTaste – Allows Security Professionals To Detect, Enumerate, Interact And Exploit RMI Services By Calling Remote Methods With Gadgets From Ysoseria

RmiTaste allows security professionals to detect, enumerate, interact and attack RMI services by calling remote methods with gadgets from ysoserial. It also allows to call remote method with specific parameters. Disclaimer RmiTaste was written to aid security professionals in identifying insecure RMI services on systems which the user has prior permission to attack. Unauthorised accessRead More

CheckXSS – Detect XSS vulnerability in Web Applications

Detect XSS vulnerability in Web Applications Screenshots Easy InstallationAs simple as below, Just one line of code: curl -L -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Jewel591/CheckXSS/master/docs/install.sh|bash Usage Instructionspython3.6 checkxss.py -h Support POST and GET request methods, support parameter injection detection in cookie, referer, useragent fields For example, test the returnUrl parameter in POST data:python3.6 checkxss.py -u “https://example.com/login.do” –data=”returnUrl=utest” -p returnUrlRead More