PhoneSploit-Pro – An All-In-One Hacking Tool To Remotely Exploit Android Devices Using ADB And Metasploit-Framework To Get A Meterpreter Session

An all-in-one hacking tool written in Python to remotely exploit Android devices using ADB (Android Debug Bridge) and Metasploit-Framework. Complete Automation to get a Meterpreter session in One Click This tool can automatically Create, Install, and Run payload on the target device using Metasploit-Framework and ADB to completely hack the Android Device in one click.Read More

Thunderstorm – Modular Framework To Exploit UPS Devices

Thunderstorm is a modular framework to exploit UPS devices. For now, only the CS-141 and NetMan 204 exploits will be available. The beta version of the framework will be released on the future. CVE Thunderstorm is currently capable of exploiting the following CVE: CVE-2022-47186 – Unrestricted file Upload # [CS-141] CVE-2022-47187 – Cross-Site Scripting viaRead More

Usbsas – Tool And Framework For Securely Reading Untrusted USB Mass Storage Devices

usbsas is a free and open source (GPLv3) tool and framework for securely reading untrusted USB mass storage devices. Description Following the concept of defense in depth and the principle of least privilege, usbsas’s goal is to reduce the attack surface of the USB stack. To achieve this, most of the USB related tasks (parsingRead More

dBmonster – Track WiFi Devices With Their Recieved Signal Strength

With dBmonster you are able to scan for nearby WiFi devices and track them trough the signal strength (dBm) of their sent packets (sniffed with TShark). These dBm values will be plotted to a graph with matplotlib. It can help you to identify the exact location of nearby WiFi devices (use a directional WiFi antennaRead More

Pwndora – Massive IPv4 Scanner, Find And Analyze Internet-Connected Devices In Minutes, Create Your Own IoT Search Engine At Home

Pwndora is a massive and fast IPv4 address range scanner, integrated with multi-threading. Using sockets, it analyzes which ports are open, and collects more information about targets, each result is stored in Elasticsearch. You can integrate with Kibana to be able to visualize and manipulate data, basically it’s like having your own IoT search engineRead More

Androidqf – (Android Quick Forensics) Helps Quickly Gathering Forensic Evidence From Android Devices, In Order To Identify Potential Traces Of Compromise

androidqf (Android Quick Forensics) is a portable tool to simplify the acquisition of relevant forensic data from Android devices. It is the successor of Snoopdroid, re-written in Go and leveraging official adb binaries. androidqf is intended to provide a simple and portable cross-platform utility to quickly acquire data from Android devices. It is similar inRead More

MEAT – This Toolkit Aims To Help Forensicators Perform Different Kinds Of Acquisitions On iOS Devices

M.E.A.T. – Mobile Evidence Acquisition Toolkit Meet M.E.A.T! From Jack Farley – BlackStone Discovery This toolkit aims to help forensicators perform different kinds of acquisitions on iOS devices (and Android in the future). Requirements to run from source Windows or Linux Python 3.7.4 or 3.7.2 Pip packages seen in requirements.txt Types of Acquisitions Supported iOSRead More

Rtl_433 – Program To Decode Radio Transmissions From Devices On The ISM Bands (And Other Frequencies)

rtl_433 (despite the name) is a generic data receiver, mainly for the 433.92 MHz, 868 MHz (SRD), 315 MHz, 345 MHz, and 915 MHz ISM bands. The official source code is in the repository. For more documentation and related projects see the site. It works with RTL-SDR and/or SoapySDR. Actively tested and supportedRead More

Emba – An Analyzer For Linux-based Firmware Of Embedded Devices

emba is being developed as a firmware scanner that analyses already-extracted Linux-based firmware images. It should help you to identify and focus on the interesting areas of a huge firmware image. Although emba is optimized for offline firmware images, it can test both, live systems and extracted images. Additionally, it can also analyze kernel configurations.Read More

Xnuspy – An iOS Kernel Function Hooking Framework For Checkra1N’Able Devices

Output from the kernel log after compiling and running example/open1_hook.c xnuspy is a pongoOS module which installs a new system call, xnuspy_ctl, allowing you to hook kernel functions from userspace. It supports iOS 13.x and 14.x on checkra1n 0.12.2 and up. 4K devices are not supported. Requires libusb: brew install libusb Building Run make inRead More