Kraker – Distributed Password Brute-Force System That Focused On Easy Use

Kraker is a distributed password brute-force system that allows you to run and manage the hashcat on different servers and workstations, focused on easy of use. There were two main goals during the design and development: to create the most simple tool for distributed hash cracking and make it fault-tolerant. Kraker consists of two mainRead More

FLUFFI (Fully Localized Utility For Fuzzing Instantaneously) – A Distributed Evolutionary Binary Fuzzer For Pentesters

FLUFFI – A distributed evolutionary binary fuzzer for pentesters. About the project High level overview Getting started Usage HOWTOs Technical Details Contributing to FLUFFI LICENSE Bugs found So far, FLUFFI was almost exclusively used on SIEMENS products and solutions. Bugs found therein will not be published. However, FLUFFI found the following published bugs (please helpRead More

Nray – Distributed Port Scanner

  Nray is a free, platform and architecture independent port and application layer scanner. Apart from regular targets (list of hosts/networks), it supports dynamic target selection, based on source like transparency logscertificate transparency logs or LDAP. Furthermore, nray allow to run in a distributed manner to speed up scans and to perform scans from differentRead More

Agente – Distributed Simple And Robust Release Management And Monitoring System

Distributed simple and robust release management and monitoring system.**This project on going work. Road map Core system First worker agent Management dashboard Jenkins vs CI tool extensions Management dashboard First master agent All relevant third-party system integrations (version control, CI, database, queuing etc.) Requirements Go > 1.11 Redis or RabbitMQ PostgreSQL Docker EnvironmentFor PostgreSQL dockerRead More