Koppeling – Adaptive DLL Hijacking / Dynamic Export Forwarding

This project is a demonstration of advanced DLL hijack techniques. It was released in conjunction with the “Adaptive DLL Hijacking” blog post. I recommend you start there to contextualize this code. This project is comprised of the following elements: Harness.exe: The “victim” application which is vulnerable to hijacking (static/dynamic) Functions.dll: The “real” library which exposesRead More

VMPDump – A Dynamic VMP Dumper And Import Fixer

A dynamic VMP dumper and import fixer, powered by VTIL. Works for VMProtect 3.X x64. Before vs After   Usage VMPDump.exe <Target PID> “<Target Module>” [-ep=<Entry Point RVA>] [-disable-reloc] Arguments: <Target PID>: The ID of the target process, in decimal or hex form. <Target Module>: The name of the module which should be dumped andRead More

Iblessing – An iOS Security Exploiting Toolkit, It Mainly Includes Application Information Collection, Static Analysis And Dynamic Analysis

[*] [***] iblessing iblessing is an iOS security exploiting toolkit, it mainly includes application information collection, static analysis and dynamic analysis. iblessing is based on unicorn engine and capstone engine. Features Cross-platform: Tested on macOS and Ubuntu. iOS App static info extract, including metadata, deeplinks, urls, etc. Mach-O parser and dyld symbol bind simulator Objective-CRead More

Axiom – A Dynamic Infrastructure Toolkit For Red Teamers And Bug Bounty Hunters!

Project Axiom is a set of utilities for managing a small dynamic infrastructure setup for bug bounty and pentesting. Axiom right now is perfect for teams as small as one person, without costing you much at all to run. And by not much to run at all, I mean, less than 5 bucks a monthRead More

OWASP D4N155 – Intelligent And Dynamic Wordlist Using OSINT

It’s an information security audit tool that creates intelligent wordlists based on the content of the target page.Help usSee some calculations usedInstallNeed to: Python3.6, Bash (GNU Bourne-Again SHell)Optional: Git, Groff git clone https://github.com/owasp/D4N155.gitcd D4N155pip3 install -r requirements.txtbash main Or whithout git wget -qO- https://github.com/owasp/D4N155/archive/master.zip | bsdtar -xf-cd D4N155-masterpip3 install -r requirements.txtbash main Manual D4N155: ToolRead More

DrSemu – Malware Detection And Classification Tool Based On Dynamic Behavior

Dr.Semu runs executables in an isolated environment, monitors the behavior of a process, and based on Dr.Semu rules created by you or the community, detects if the process is malicious or not. whoami: @_qaz_qazWith Dr.Semu you can create rules to detect malware based on dynamic behavior of a process. Isolation through redirectionEverything happens from theRead More