Elfloader – An Architecture-Agnostic ELF File Flattener For Shellcode

elfloader is a super simple loader for ELF files that generates a flat in-memory representation of the ELF. Pair this with Rust and now you can write your shellcode in a proper, safe, high-level language. Any target that LLVM can target can be used, including custom target specifications for really exotic platforms and ABIs. EnjoyRead More

ELFXtract – An Automated Analysis Tool Used For Enumerating ELF Binaries

[*] ELFXtract is an automated analysis tool used for enumerating ELF binaries Powered by Radare2 and r2ghidra This is specially developed for PWN challenges and it has many automated features It almost displays every details of the ELF and also decompiles its ASM to C code using r2ghidra Decompiling ELFs in Ghidra takes more time,Read More

Drow – Injects Code Into ELF Executables Post-Build

drow is a command-line utility that is used to inject code and hook the entrypoint of ELF executables (post-build). It takes unmodified ELF executables as input and exports a modified ELF contianing an embedded user-supplied payload that executes at runtime. Slightly more detail … Drow takes the following steps to create the new patched ELF:Read More