STEWS – A Security Tool For Enumerating WebSockets

STEWS is a tool suite for security testing of WebSockets This research was first presented at OWASP Global AppSec US 2021 Features STEWS provides the ability to: Discover: find WebSockets endpoints on the web by testing a list of domains Fingerprint: determine what WebSockets server is running on the endpoint Vulnerability Detection: test whether theRead More

ELFXtract – An Automated Analysis Tool Used For Enumerating ELF Binaries

[*] ELFXtract is an automated analysis tool used for enumerating ELF binaries Powered by Radare2 and r2ghidra This is specially developed for PWN challenges and it has many automated features It almost displays every details of the ELF and also decompiles its ASM to C code using r2ghidra Decompiling ELFs in Ghidra takes more time,Read More

Enum4Linux – A Linux Alternative To Enum.Exe For Enumerating Data From Windows And Samba Hosts

A Linux alternative to enum.exe for enumerating data from Windows and Samba hosts. Enum4linux is a tool for enumerating information from Windows and Samba systems. It attempts to offer similar functionality to enum.exe formerly available from It is written in Perl and is basically a wrapper around the Samba tools smbclient, rpclient, net andRead More