Graphicator – A GraphQL Enumeration And Extraction Tool

[*] Graphicator is a GraphQL “scraper” / extractor. The tool iterates over the introspection document returned by the targeted GraphQL endpoint, and then re-structures the schema in an internal form so it can re-create the supported queries. When such queries are created is using them to send requests to the endpoint and saves the returnedRead More

AzureGraph – Azure AD Enumeration Over MS Graph

AzureGraph is an Azure AD information gathering tool over Microsoft Graph. Thanks to Microsoft Graph technology, it is possible to obtain all kinds of information from Azure AD, such as users, devices, applications, domains and much more. This application, allows you to query this data through the API in an easy and simple way throughRead More

SpyCast – A Crossplatform mDNS Enumeration Tool

SpyCast is a crossplatform mDNS enumeration tool that can work either in active mode by recursively querying services, or in passive mode by only listening to multicast packets. Building cargo build –release OS specific bundle packages (for example dmg and app bundles on OSX) can be built via: cargo tauri build SpyCast can also beRead More

Msprobe – Finding All Things On-Prem Microsoft For Password Spraying And Enumeration

Finding all things on-prem Microsoft for password spraying and enumeration. The tool will used a list of common subdomains associated with your target apex domain to attempt to discover valid instances of on-prem Microsoft solutions. Screenshots of the tool in action are below: Installing Install the project using pipx pipx install git+ Usage The toolRead More

SSOh-No – User Enumeration And Password Spraying Tool For Testing Azure AD

This tool is designed to enumerate users, password spray and perform brute force attacks against any organisation that utilises Azure AD or O365. Generally, this endpoint provides extremely verbose errors which can be leveraged to enumerate users and validate their passwords via brute force/spraying attacks, while also failing to log any failed authentication attempts. ThisRead More

Cliam – Multi Cloud IAM Permissions Enumeration Tool

Multi cloud iam permissions enumeration tool. Currently covers: AWS GCP [TODO] Azure [TODO] Oracle Description Cliam is a simple cloud permissions identifier. There are two main components to the CLI. Most of the enumerated permissions are list, describe or get permissions. Only permissions that does not require a specific resource are tested. enumerate which canRead More

Osinteye – Username Enumeration And Reconnaisance Suite

Username Enumeration And Reconnaisance Suite     Supported sites PyPI Github TestPypi Instagram DockerHub Installation Clone project: $ git clone $ cd osinteye $ pip install -r requirements.txt Usage $ python osinteye [–SITENAME] [USERNAME] Or give osintEye execution permission: $ chmod +x osinteye $ ./osinteye [–SITENAME] [USERNAME] Example 1.1; $ python osinteye –instagramRead More

ADReaper – A Fast Enumeration Tool For Windows Active Directory Pentesting Written In Go

ADReaper is a tool written in Golang which enumerate a Active Directory environment with LDAP queries within few seconds. Installation You can download precompiled executable binaries for Windows/Linux from latest releases Install from source To build from source, clone the repo and build it with GO $ git clone$ cd ADReaper/$ go build UsageRead More

linWinPwn – A Bash Script That Automates A Number Of Active Directory Enumeration And Vulnerability Checks

linWinPwn is a bash script that automates a number of Active Directory Enumeration and Vulnerability checks. The script leverages and is dependent of a number of tools including: impacket, bloodhound, crackmapexec, ldapdomaindump, lsassy, smbmap, kerbrute, adidnsdump. Setup Git clone the repository and make the script executable git clone linWinPwn; chmod +x Install LinuxRead More

modifyCertTemplate – ADCS Cert Template Modification And ACL Enumeration

This tool is designed to aid an operator in modifying ADCS certificate templates so that a created vulnerable state can be leveraged for privilege escalation (and then reset the template to its previous state afterwards). This is specifically designed for a scenario where WriteProperty rights over a template have been compromised, but the operator isRead More