SUDO_KILLER – A Tool To Identify And Exploit Sudo Rules’ Misconfigurations And Vulnerabilities Within Sudo

Linux Privilege Escalation through SUDO abuse.If you like the tool and for my personal motivation so as to develop other tools please a +1 star *The tool can be used by pentesters, system admins, CTF players, students, System Auditors and trolls :). INTRO**WARNING: SUDO_KILLER is part of the KILLER project. SUDO_KILLER is still under developmentRead More

NekoBot – Auto Exploiter With 500+ Exploit 2000+ Shell

NekoBotV1 | Auto Exploiter With 500+ Exploit 2000+ ShellFeatures :[+] WordPress : 1- Cherry-Plugin2- download-manager Plugin3- wysija-newsletters4- Slider Revolution [Revslider]5- gravity-forms6- userpro7- wp-gdpr-compliance8- wp-graphql9- formcraft10- Headway11- Pagelines Plugin12- WooCommerce-ProductAddons13- CateGory-page-icons14- addblockblocker15- barclaycart16- Wp 4.7 Core Exploit17- eshop-magic18- HD-WebPlayer19- WP Job Manager20- wp-miniaudioplayer21- wp-support-plus22- ungallery Plugin23- WP User Frontend24- Viral-options25- Social Warfare26- jekyll-exporter27- cloudflare plugin28- realiaRead More