Xepor – Web Routing Framework For Reverse Engineers And Security Researchers, Brings The Best Of Mitmproxy And Flask

Xepor (pronounced /ˈzɛfə/, zephyr), a web routing framework for reverse engineers and security researchers. It provides a Flask-like API for hackers to intercept and modify HTTP request and/or HTTP response in a human-friendly coding style. This project is meant to be used with mitmproxy. User write scripts with xepor, and run the script inside mitmproxyRead More

Flask-Session-Cookie-Manager – Flask Session Cookie Decoder/Encoder

 Flask Session Cookie Decoder/Encoder Depencencies Python 2 or Python 3 itsdangerous Flask Installation BlackArch Linux # pacman -S flask-session-cookie-manager{3,2} Git ArchLinuxBoth python3 etn python2: $ git clone https://github.com/noraj/flask-session-cookie-manager.git && cd flask-session-cookie-manager# makepkg -sic Other distrosFind your way with your package manager, use pip in a virtual environment or use pyenv.Eg. $ git clone https://github.com/noraj/flask-session-cookie-manager.git &&Read More