Charlotte – C++ Fully Undetected Shellcode Launcher

c++ fully undetected shellcode launcher 😉 releasing this to celebrate the birth of my newborn description 13/05/2021: c++ shellcode launcher, fully undetected 0/26 as of 13th May 2021. dynamic invoking of win32 api functions XOR encryption of shellcode and function names randomised XOR keys and variables per run on Kali Linux, simply ‘apt-get install mingw-w64*’Read More

Arbitrium-RAT – A Cross-Platform, Fully Undetectable Remote Access Trojan, To Control Android, Windows And Linux

Arbitrium is a cross-platform is a remote access trojan (RAT), Fully UnDetectable (FUD), It allows you to control Android, Windows and Linux and doesn’t require any firewall exceptions or port forwarding. It gives access to the local networks, you can use the targets as a HTTP proxy and access Router, discover local IPs and scanRead More

Xerror – Fully Automated Pentesting Tool

Xerror is an automated penetration tool , which will helps security professionals and non professionals to automate their pentesting tasks. Xerror will perform all tests and, at the end generate two reports for executives and analysts. Xerror provides GUI easy to use menu driven options.Iinternally it supports openVas for vulnerability scanning, Metasploit for exploitation andRead More

FLUFFI (Fully Localized Utility For Fuzzing Instantaneously) – A Distributed Evolutionary Binary Fuzzer For Pentesters

FLUFFI – A distributed evolutionary binary fuzzer for pentesters. About the project High level overview Getting started Usage HOWTOs Technical Details Contributing to FLUFFI LICENSE Bugs found So far, FLUFFI was almost exclusively used on SIEMENS products and solutions. Bugs found therein will not be published. However, FLUFFI found the following published bugs (please helpRead More

DiscordRAT – Discord Remote Administration Tool Fully Written In Python

Discord Remote Administration Tool fully written in Python3.This is a RAT controlled over Discord with over 20 post exploitation modules. Disclaimer:This tool is for educational use only, the author will not be held responsible for any misuse of this tool.This is my first project on github as such this project is far from perfect ,Read More

Lk Scraper – An Fully Configurable Linkedin Scrape (Scrape Anything Within Linkedin)

Scrapes Any Linkedin Data Installation $ pip install git+git:// Setup Using Docker compose $ docker-compose up -d$ docker-compose run lk_scraper python3 Using Docker only for selenium serverFirst, you need to run a selenium server $ docker run -d -p 4444:4444 –shm-size 2g selenium/standalone-firefox:3.141.59-20200326 After running this command, from the browser navigate to your IP addressRead More