FirmWire -b Full-System Baseband Firmware Emulation Platform For Fuzzing, Debugging, And Root-Cause Analysis Of Smartphone Baseband Firmwares

FirmWire is a full-system baseband firmware analysis platform that supports Samsung and MediaTek. It enables fuzzing, root-cause analysis, and debugging of baseband firmware images. See the FirmWire documentation to get started! Experiments & Missing Parts? Upon a vendor’s request, the current public release of FirmWire is a preview version omitting some of the functionality describedRead More

Fastfuz-Chrome-Ext – Site Fast Fuzzing With Chorme Extension

Fast fuzzing websites with chrome extension Screenshot Install Add Your Custom Files Open files.txt Paste your file or directory name in line by line Happy Hunting TODO Add response size foundings Add new specific file and directory names Add Extension to chrome extension marketplace Download Fastfuz-Chrome-Ext

ClusterFuzzLite – Simple Continuous Fuzzing That Runs In CI

ClusterFuzzLite is a continuous fuzzing solution that runs as part of Continuous Integration (CI) workflows to find vulnerabilities faster than ever before. With just a few lines of code, GitHub users can integrate ClusterFuzzLite into their workflow and fuzz pull requests to catch bugs before they are committed. ClusterFuzzLite is based on ClusterFuzz. Features QuickRead More

Canadian Furious Beaver – A Tool For Monitoring IRP Handler In Windows Drivers, And Facilitating The Process Of Analyzing, Replaying And Fuzzing Windows Drivers For Vulnerabilities

Furious Beaver is a distributed tool for capturing IRPs sent to any Windows driver. It operates in 2 parts: the “Broker” combines both a user-land agent and a self-extractable driver (IrpDumper.sys) that will install itself on the targeted system. Once running it will expose (depending on the compilation options) a remote named pipe (reachable fromRead More

Boofuzz – Network Protocol Fuzzing for Humans

Boofuzz is a fork of and the successor to the venerable Sulley fuzzing framework. Besides numerous bug fixes, boofuzz aims for extensibility. The goal: fuzz everything. Why? Sulley has been the preeminent open source fuzzer for some time, but has fallen out of maintenance. Features Like Sulley, boofuzz incorporates all the critical elements of aRead More

Autoharness – A Tool That Automatically Creates Fuzzing Harnesses Based On A Library

AutoHarness is a tool that automatically generates fuzzing harnesses for you. This idea stems from a concurrent problem in fuzzing codebases today: large codebases have thousands of functions and pieces of code that can be embedded fairly deep into the library. It is very hard or sometimes even impossible for smart fuzzers to reach thatRead More

Fpicker – A Frida-based Fuzzing Suite Supporting Various Modes (Including AFL++ In-Process Fuzzing)

fpicker is a Frida-based fuzzing suite that offers a variety of fuzzing modes for in-process fuzzing, such as an AFL++ mode or a passive tracing mode. It should run on all platforms that are supported by Frida. Installation Instructions Building and Running Creating a Fuzzing Harness Modes and Configuration Some background information and the thoughtsRead More

LibAFL – Advanced Fuzzing Library – Slot Your Fuzzer Together In Rust! Scales Across Cores And Machines. For Windows, Android, MacOS, Linux, No_Std, …

Advanced Fuzzing Library – Slot your own fuzzers together and extend their features using Rust. LibAFL is written and maintained by Andrea Fioraldi [email protected] and Dominik Maier [email protected] Why LibAFL? LibAFL gives you many of the benefits of an off-the-shelf fuzzer, while being completely customizable. Some highlight features currently include: fast: We do everything weRead More

RESTler – The First Stateful REST API Fuzzing Tool For Automatically Testing Cloud Services Through Their REST APIs And Finding Security And Reliability Bugs In These Services

RESTler is the first stateful REST API fuzzing tool for automatically testing cloud services through their REST APIs and finding security and reliability bugs in these services. For a given cloud service with an OpenAPI/Swagger specification, RESTler analyzes its entire specification, and then generates and executes tests that exercise the service through its REST API.Read More

UAFuzz – Binary-level Directed Fuzzing For Use-After-Free Vulnerabilities

Directed Greybox Fuzzing (DGF) like AFLGo aims to perform stress testing on pre-selected potentially vulnerable target locations, with applications to different security contexts: (1) bug reproduction, (2) patch testing or (3) static analysis report verification. There are recently more research work that improved directed fuzzing’s effectiveness and efficiency (see awesome-directed-fuzzing). We propose UAFuzz which isRead More