Exrop – Automatic ROP Chain Generation

Exrop is automatic ROP chains generator tool which can build gadget chain automatically from given binary and constraints Requirements : Triton, ROPGadget Only support for x86-64 for now! Features: handling non-return gadgets (jmp reg, call reg) set registers (rdi=0xxxxxx, rsi=0xxxxxx) set register to register (rdi=rax) write to mem write string/bytes to mem function call (open(‘/etc/passwd’,0))Read More

Haptyc – Test Generation Framework

Haptyc is a python library which was built to add payload position support and Sniper/Clusterbomb/Batteringram/Pitchfork attack types into Turbo Intruder. While Haptyc accomplishes these goals fairly well it also introduces a simpler way to express test sequences in general. While this library was meant to target Turbo Intruder it has no hard dependencies on TurboRead More

FormatFuzzer – A Framework For High-Efficiency, High-Quality Generation And Parsing Of Binary Inputs

FormatFuzzer is a framework for high-efficiency, high-quality generation and parsing of binary inputs. It takes a binary template that describes the format of a binary input and generates an executable that produces and parses the given binary format. >From a binary template for GIF, for instance, FormatFuzzer produces a GIF generator – also known asRead More

PEASS-ng – Privilege Escalation Awesome Scripts SUITE new generation

Basic Tutorial Here you will find privilege escalation tools for Windows and Linux/Unix* and MacOS. These tools search for possible local privilege escalation paths that you could exploit and print them to you with nice colors so you can recognize the misconfigurations easily. Check the Local Windows Privilege Escalation checklist from book.hacktricks.xyz WinPEAS – WindowsRead More

Bantam – A PHP Backdoor Management And Generation tool/C2 Featuring End To End Encrypted Payload Streaming Designed To Bypass WAF, IDS, SIEM Systems

An advanced PHP backdoor management tool, with a lightweight server footprint, multi-threaded communication, and an advanced payload generation and obfuscation tool. Features end to end encryption with request unique encryption keys, and payload streaming designed to bypass WAF, IDS, SIEM systems. It incorporates several payload randomization and obfuscation techniques to help prevent detection when encryptionRead More

Enum4Linux-Ng – A Next Generation Version Of Enum4Linux (A Windows/Samba Enumeration Tool) With Additional Features Like JSON/YAML Export

enum4linux-ng.py is a rewrite of Mark Lowe’s (former Portcullis Labs now Cisco CX Security Labs) enum4linux.pl, a tool for enumerating information from Windows and Samba systems, aimed for security professionals and CTF players. The tool is mainly a wrapper around the Samba tools nmblookup, net, rpcclient and smbclient. I made it for educational purposes forRead More

Dnxfirewall – A Pure Python Next Generation Firewall Built On Top Of Linux Kernel/Netfilter

DNX Firewall is an optimized/high performance collection of applications or services to convert a standard linux system into a zone based next generation firewall. All software is designed to run in conjunction with eachother, but with a modular design certain aspects can be completely removed with little effort. The primary security modules have DIRECT/INLINE controlRead More

Shellerator – Simple CLI Tool For The Generation Of Bind And Reverse Shells In Multiple Languages

Shellerator is a simple command-line tool aimed to help pentesters quickly generate one-liner reverse/bind shells in multiple languages (Bash, Powershell, Java, Python…). This project is inspired by Print-My-Shell. I just rewrote it and added some options and glitter to it. The lists of reverse and bind shells are not perfect yet. I’ll work on thisRead More

Generator-Burp-Extension – Everything You Need About Burp Extension Generation

Everything You Need About Burp Extension Generation InstallationFirst, install Yeoman and generator-burp-extension using npm (we assume you have pre-installed node.js). npm install -g yonpm install -g generator-burp-extension Then generate your new project: yo burp-extension Burp Extension featuresWhen you generate your plugin project, the generator will ask you what features should be included in your plugin.Read More