Kubesploit – A Cross-Platform Post-Exploitation HTTP/2 Command And Control Server And Agent Written In Golang

Kubesploit is a cross-platform post-exploitation HTTP/2 Command & Control server and agent dedicated for containerized environments written in Golang and built on top of Merlin project by Russel Van Tuyl (@Ne0nd0g). Our Motivation While researching Docker and Kubernetes, we noticed that most of the tools available today are aimed at passive scanning for vulnerabilities inRead More

Swego – Swiss Army Knife Webserver In Golang

Swiss army knife Webserver in Golang. Keep simple like the python SimpleHTTPServer but with many features. Usage Help $ ./webserver -helpweb subcommand -bind string Bind Port (default “8080”) -certificate string HTTPS certificate : openssl req -new -x509 -sha256 -key server.key -out server.crt -days 365 -gzip Enables gzip/zlib compression (default true) -help Print usage -key stringRead More

Go_Parser – Yet Another Golang Binary Parser For IDAPro

Yet Another Golang Binary Parser For IDAPro  NOTE: This master branch is written in Python2 for IDAPython, and tested only on IDA7.2/IDA7.0. If you use IDAPython with Python3 and higher version of IDAPro, please use Python3 Branch for go_parser. Inspired by golang_loader_assist and jeb-golang-analyzer, I wrote a more complete Go binaries parsing tool forRead More

Urlgrab – A Golang Utility To Spider Through A Website Searching For Additional Links

A golang utility to spider through a website searching for additional links with support for JavaScript rendering. Install go get -u github.com/iamstoxe/urlgrab Features Customizable Parallelism Ability to Render JavaScript (including Single Page Applications such as Angular and React) Usage Usage of urlgrab: -cache-dir string Specify a directory to utilize caching. Works between sessions as well.Read More

Gtunnel – A Robust Tunelling Solution Written In Golang

A TCP tunneling suite built with golang and gRPC. gTunnel can manage multiple forward and reverse tunnels that are all carried over a single TCP/HTTP2 connection. I wanted to learn a new language, so I picked go and gRPC. Client executables have been tested on windows and linux.DependenciesgTunnel has been tested with Docker version 19.03.6,Read More

DeimosC2 – A Golang Command And Control Framework For Post-Exploitation

DeimosC2 is a post-exploitation Command & Control (C2) tool that leverages multiple communication methods in order to control machines that have been compromised. DeimosC2 server and agents works on, and has been tested on, Windows, Darwin, and Linux. It is entirely written in Golang with a front end written in Vue.js.Listener Features Each listener hasRead More

DalFox (Finder Of XSS) – Parameter Analysis And XSS Scanning Tool Based On Golang

Finder Of XSS, and Dal is the Korean pronunciation of moon. What is DalFoxJust, XSS Scanning and Parameter Analysis tool. I previously developed XSpear, a ruby-based XSS tool, and this time, a full change occurred during the process of porting with golang!!! and created it as a new project. The basic concept is to analyzeRead More