Hashdb-Ida – HashDB API Hash Lookup Plugin For IDA Pro

HashDB IDA Plugin Malware string hash lookup plugin for IDA Pro. This plugin connects to the OALABS HashDB Lookup Service. Adding New Hash Algorithms The hash algorithm database is open source and new algorithms can be added on GitHub here. Pull requests are mostly automated and as long as our automated tests pass the newRead More

Ntlm_Theft – A Tool For Generating Multiple Types Of NTLMv2 Hash Theft Files

A tool for generating multiple types of NTLMv2 hash theft files. ntlm_theft is an Open Source Python3 Tool that generates 21 different types of hash theft documents. These can be used for phishing when either the target allows smb traffic outside their network, or if you are already inside the internal network. The benefits ofRead More

NamedPipePTH – Pass The Hash To A Named Pipe For Token Impersonation

This project is a PoC code to use Pass-the-Hash for authentication on a local Named Pipe user Impersonation. There also is a blog post for explanation: https://s3cur3th1ssh1t.github.io/Named-Pipe-PTH/ It is heavily based on the code from the projects Invoke-SMBExec.ps1 and RoguePotato. I faced certain Offensive Security project situations in the past, where I already had theRead More

Search-That-Hash – Searches Hash APIs To Crack Your Hash Quickly, If Hash Is Not Found Automatically Pipes Into HashCat

The Fastest Hash Cracking System pip3 install search-that-hash && sth Tired of going to every website to crack your hash? Search-That-Hash automates this process in less than 2 seconds. Search-That-Hash searches the most popular hash cracking sites and automatically inputs your hash(s) for cracking Features Auto-Type Identification – No need to know the hash type,Read More

Cypher – Crypto Cipher Encode Decode Hash

All in one tools for CRYPTOLOGY. Instagram: Capture the Root Screenshots How to use Features This tool include: HASH RSA XOR AES (ECC) AES (CBC) DES (ECB) FERNET RC2 RC4 CHACHA20POLY1305 TRANSPOSITION DIFFIE HELMAN IMAGE ENCRYPT/DECRYPT FILE ENCRYPT/DECRYPT Installation  Installation with requirements.txt git clone https://github.com/capture0x/cyphercd cypherpip3 install -r requirements.txt Usage python3 cryptot.py HASH EncryptionRead More

Hashcracker – Python Hash Cracker

Supported hashing algorithms: SHA512, SHA256, SHA384, SHA1, MD5 Features: auto detection of hashing algorithm based on length (not recommended), bruteforce, password listArguments: type: hash algorithm (must be one of the supported hashing algorithms mentioned above or AUTO if you want to use automatic algorithm detection) hash: can be either the hashed password, or a textRead More

Check-LocalAdminHash – A PowerShell Tool That Attempts To Authenticate To Multiple Hosts Over Either WMI Or SMB Using A Password Hash To Determine If The Provided Credential Is A Local Administrator

Check-LocalAdminHash is a PowerShell tool that attempts to authenticate to multiple hosts over either WMI or SMB using a password hash to determine if the provided credential is a local administrator. It’s useful if you obtain a password hash for a user and want to see where they are local admin on a network. ItRead More