Pantagrule – Large Hashcat Rulesets Generated From Real-World Compromised Passwords

gargantuan hashcat rulesets generated from compromised passwords Project maintenance warning: This project is deemed completed. No pull requests or changes will be made to this project in the future unless they are actual bugs or migrations to allow these rules to work with newer versions of hashcat. Pantagrule is a series of rules for theRead More

Search-That-Hash – Searches Hash APIs To Crack Your Hash Quickly, If Hash Is Not Found Automatically Pipes Into HashCat

The Fastest Hash Cracking System pip3 install search-that-hash && sth Tired of going to every website to crack your hash? Search-That-Hash automates this process in less than 2 seconds. Search-That-Hash searches the most popular hash cracking sites and automatically inputs your hash(s) for cracking Features Auto-Type Identification – No need to know the hash type,Read More

Colabcat – Running Hashcat On Google Colab With Session Backup And Restore

Run Hashcat on Google Colab with session restore capabilities with Google Drive. Usage Go to the link below to open a copy of the colabcat.ipynb file in Google Colab: Click on Runtime, Change runtime type, and set Hardware accelerator to GPU. Go to your Google Drive and create a directory called dothashcat, with aRead More