Heap_Detective – The Simple Way To Detect Heap Memory Pitfalls In C++ And C

This tool uses the taint analysis technique for static analysis and aims to identify points of heap memory usage vulnerabilities in C and C++ languages. The tool uses a common approach in the first phase of static analysis, using tokenization to collect information. The second phase has a different approach to common lessons of theRead More

Heaptrace – Helps Visualize Heap Operations For Pwn And Debugging

heaptrace is a heap debugger for tracking glibc heap operations in ELF64 (x86_64) binaries. Its purpose is to help visualize heap operations when debugging binaries or doing heap pwn. replaces addresses with easy-to-understand symbols detects heap corruption and memory leakage issues can debug in gdb at any point (–break) supports all ELF64 (x86_64) binaries regardlessRead More