Rathole – A Lightweight, Stable And High-Performance Reverse Proxy For NAT Traversal, Written In Rust. An Alternative To Frp And Ngrok

A secure, stable and high-performance reverse proxy for NAT traversal, written in Rust rathole, like frp and ngrok, can help to expose the service on the device behind the NAT to the Internet, via a server with a public IP. Features High Performance Much higher throughput can be achieved than frp, and more stable whenRead More

Ddosify – High-performance Load Testing Tool

Features Protocol Agnostic – Currently supporting HTTP, HTTPS, HTTP/2. Other protocols are on the way. Scenario-Based – Create your flow in a JSON file. Without a line of code! Different Load Types – Test your system’s limits across different load types. Installation ddosify is available via Docker, Homebrew Tap, and downloadable pre-compiled binaries from theRead More

Maskprocessor – High-Performance Word Generator With A Per-Position Configureable Charset

High-Performance word generator with a per-position configureable charset Mask attackTry all combinations from a given keyspace just like in Brute-Force attack, but more specific. Advantage over Brute-ForceThe reason for doing this and not to stick to the traditional Brute-Force is that we want to reduce the password candidate keyspace to a more efficient one.Here isRead More

MassDNS – A High-Performance DNS Stub Resolver For Bulk Lookups And Reconnaissance (Subdomain Enumeration)

MassDNS is a simple high-performance DNS stub resolver targetting those who seek to resolve a massive amount of domain names in the order of millions or even billions. Without special configuration, MassDNS is capable of resolving over 350,000 names per second using publicly available resolvers.Major changesThis version of MassDNS is currently experimental. In order toRead More